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EghtesadOnline: Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berry called for policy change in Arab world, especially Saudi Arabia, towards Iran and confidence-building between them, saying that this is a must for Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Iran and even for Islam.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of an economic conference attended by Lebanese merchants residing in other countries, he called on Lebanese political groups to avoid trading accusations against each other and stop accusing Hezbollah of drawing war to Lebanon by engaging in the anti-terrorism war in Syria, IRNA reports.

He further noted that terrorists have waged wars at different areas including Jordan, Europe, Africa and Asia.

'We should believe each other and take the threat of terrorism seriously and stand united in fighting the ominous phenomenon and do not let Lebanon remain alone against terrorism,' he said.

Referring to the tenth anniversary of Lebanese Resistance victory against the Zionist regime (33-day war in 2006), Berry hailed the martyrs who stood against the Zionists to defend their own country.

Lebanon offered hundreds of its youth in the fight against the Zionists and emerged victorious through unity and resistance and today it can also overcome terrorism and economic problems, he said.

'Since the beginning of Israeli aggressions in 1948 and liberation of southern Lebanon in 2000 as well as the war in 2006, we have always waiting for financial support promised by Arab leaders to counter the onslaughts, but we have not yet received even one third of the promised figgures,' he said.

The Israeli regime has always sought destroying Lebanon's economic and banking infrastructure and today it is the major cause of war in Syria, Berri said.

Lebanese parliament speaker further noted that the Zionist regime is seeking war between Arabs and other Muslims and for the same reason it does not favor cease of war in Syria; rather it is keen on the country's split.

Saudi Arabia Nabih Berry Lebanese Parliament