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EghtesadOnline: President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday highlighted the International Responsibility of Governments parties to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, saying that they must discharge their duty in line with international peace and security.

The President made the remarks in his statement to the cabinet ministers to mark the anniversary of signing JCPOA with the G5+1, IRNA reports.

He said in a strongly-worded statement that the governments who undertook to implement the JCPOA are responsible before the international community, peace and security, adding that the world public opinion is wisely monitoring how the western governments will honor their commitments.

The JCPOA will be to the benefit of all countries, global peace, security and stability and its violation will be detrimental to all and any one minds to violate it will be subject to International Responsibility of Governments, Rouhani said. 

He expressed the hope that implementation of the JCPOA will lead to domestic progress and welfare of the Iranian people as well as restoration of peace and security both in the region and the international community.

The President appreciated services of those who joined hands in implementation of the JCPOA, saying that the efforts of the media during tough rounds of talks who spared no efforts to enlighten public opinion, said President Rouhani. 

'We should make use of this opportunity to develop the country and create more job opportunities for the country's youths,' he said. 

'We can call the date July 14, 2014 as the date for establishing interaction with the world in which the Islamic Republic of Iran proved its political might and its capabilities in resolving complicated global issues through logic,' he said. 

July, 14, 2014 proved that Iran is capable to fight in two fronts of diplomacy and confrontation to bring victory to nation, President Rouhani said. 

'If talks were not successful and the same situation persisted until now, Iran could not sell its oil, escalation was on rise and the oil export was zero and Iran's peaceful nuclear activities was regarded as illegal on their views.'

One of the success of the JCPOA was removal of shadow of threats to life of the people as the hostile governments had managed to bring the chapter seven accusation of violating the UN charter against Iran for their political goals preparing grounds for a military action against Iran and all sides had reach a consensus to that end but nuclear talks remove all accusations and proved honesty of Iran to the international community, he said. 

Iran's military sanctions was lifted due to implementation of the JCPOA and Iran could successfully upgrade its defensive power, he said. 

PMD proved that all accusations leveled against Iran were unfounded and Iran never looked for producing nuclear weapons but the main point was Iran's capability in uranium enrichment was acknowledged by the international community, he said. 

'Nuclear related sanctions have been removed but problems with regards to the country's banking system still remained unresolved but we have established good relations with big banks in the world,' he said. 

'We should take advantage of the current circumstances to bring more welfare to the people and help remove the difficulties the people are suffering from in everyday life.'

JCPOA Hassan Rouhani International Responsibility