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EghtesadOnline: Head of Revolutionary Youth Association of India Ebi Manio Kouhar said on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia is major supporter of the Takfiri terrorists.

Kouhar made the remarks in an interview with IRNA.

He said that for the time being, many terrorist attacks are made through direct or indirect support of the US.

He said that extremism and Wahabism have endangered the international peace and security, so the world community should fight the dangerous ideology which is the root-cause of terrorism in the international community.

He said many terrorists organizations like al-Qaeda Daesh, Lashgar Toyba and other groups are fed by the same ideology, which is rooted in Saudi Arabia.

The Indian analyst pointed to terrorist attack in Dhaka and said based on statements made by certain terrorist agents under arrest, the Salafi Leader of India Zakir Naik, is strongly impressed by Saudi Arabia and Wahabism.

He said that Saudi support for terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria will prepare the ground for continued crimes against humanity.

He added that taking such a move, Saudi Arabia is an accomplice in crimes of the terrorist groups operating worldwide.

The Indian Revolutionary Youth Association chief said Hafiz Saeed, the main agent behind attack on Bombai in 2008, was created by Saudi Arabia.

'In the terrorist attack, which killed more than 166, Saudi Arabia was indirectly involved,' he added.

He cited the root cause of formation of Wahabism in Saudi tribal society and said such a dangerous idea, which was raised by Abdulwahab in Saudi Arabia, was so diversionary that even his associates and family rejected it but in the coming years the deceit was running through assistance of foreign agents and enemies of Islam to sow discord in the world of Islam. 

He said that the Saudi government delivers extensive financial support to the extremist and Salafi groups and that for the time being, Saudi Arabia annually spends millions of dollars for spread of extremism and terrorism in the country.
He called for vigilance of Indian intelligence and security organs about operation of the Salafi and Wahabi groups to attract youth to terrorist groups.

The Indian expert said that Islam has come to India through Iran and that the Indian people do not accept extremism and the extremist groups have not scored much success in influencing wide spectrum of the people of the country.

Saudi Arabia Takfiri terrorists Ebi Manio Kouhar