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Hair transplantation is one of the newest plastic surgeries that most of the people tend to do it. Iran is known as one of the hubs of this surgery and not only Iranians, but many patients from around the world prefer to travel to this country and do this surgery there. That is why we decided to introduce you top 5 successful methods of hair transplantation in Iran. Most men and more than half of women experience hair loss with age. With this event, they will be looking for the latest hair transplant method to restore their beauty. Stay with us to tell you these methods.

Hair transplant in Iran

If you have lost your hair for any reason, you can use hair transplant in Iran to regain your hair. Hair transplantation is a modern method that is performed all over the world using techniques and tools. Hair transplantation is performed in different ways in the world as well as in Iran. many companies like Iranmedopia try their best to offer to the patients from around the world best medical packages like nose job in Iran, and other plastic surgeries with the most skilled surgeons as well as hair transplantation surgery. In the following, you will get acquainted with the most popular and successful hair transplant methods that have been performed in Iran in recent years.

Types of hair transplant methods

  • FIT hair transplant
  • FUT hair transplant
  • SUT hair transplant

FUT Hair transplant in Iran

FUT hair transplant is one of the most common hair transplant methods in the world. After visiting the patient and observing the pattern of baldness, the condition of the hair bank, and the patient's needs and expectations, the dermatologist may recommend the FUT method to the patient for hair transplantation.

In this method, a thin strip of hair is removed from the back of the head and then the hair follicle units, which consist of hair follicles and one to three hairs, are separated using a microscope. After separating the hair units, they can now be transferred to holes that have already been made in the implant area.

This method is also widely used for eyebrow implants and can have the best results in terms of density and sleep direction of hair in eyebrow implants.

FIT hair transplant in Iran

This method is less aggressive and is done without making an incision in the back of the head. And it is suitable for people who want to do hair transplantation again and can no longer be removed from the area behind them using a haircut. Also, people with low baldness.

In this method, the hair is first removed from the removable areas (hair bank) one by one. This is done by a small tool called a punch that is less than one millimeter in diameter. These removed units are called grafts. After the harvest stage is completed, which may take more than one session, the planting stage begins. At this stage, like the FUT method, holes are made in the implantation area and the grafts are placed one by one in these areas.

BHT hair transplant in Iran

In some people who have a weak hair bank or their hair bank is damaged by a single hair transplant, the only way that can work is the BHT method. In this method, the hair is removed from areas other than the back of the head and transferred to the implant area, and these areas are usually selected according to the patient's condition and hair density, the chest area. In the hair removal stage, hair grafts are removed from the removable areas of the body by FIT method. This means that in this method, there is no need to cut in the harvest areas


Iran hair transplantation