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In recent years, Iran has had found a special place between the different medical hubs in the world. many patients from around the world choose a medical tour in Iran for cosmetic surgeries or medical treatments. Some plastic surgeries like nose job in Iran are popular among people from around the world. But now that the world is infected with a virus called the corona, what is the status of these tours? Is it still possible to travel to other countries like Iran for medical and cosmetic surgeries? IranMedopia as one of the pioneers of medical and cosmetic tours in Iran is going to talk about how is the situation of these medical tours in the world and Iran after the coronavirus. Stay with us.

Iran Medical tours and Coronavirus

Medical services like dental implant in Iran, weight loss surgeries, and other plastic surgeries were so famous and many patients tend to book different tours and cosmetic packages to travel to Iran and do these surgeries to reach their dream body and face. But with the advent of the Coronavirus, everything has changed since then. All medical tours around the world were canceled and people were quarantined in their homes. No9w after several months, people are getting vaccinate and the world restrictions are fading away. What now? Is it possible to travel to Iran for medical and cosmetic purposes? The answer is yes. IranMedopia statics shows that tourists are willing to contact Iranian companies and book different cosmetic packages again. if you are also have wanted to do a nose job or gastric sleeve surgery and want sure if it's possible or not, we can tell you that yes, it is possible to think about it now. But let’s talk about this subject that why you should choose Iran for these purposes?

Why you should choose Iran for medical tours?

Iran is known as one of the loveliest destinations for medical and cosmetic surgeries. these patients have different reasons for choosing Iran. but we can gather all these reasons in some main point. In the continues, we are going to list the main reasons why you should choose Iran for medical tours.

Cheap price and high-quality services

The difference between Iranian currency 9Rial) and other currencies like USD and EURO makes Iran a cheap destination for traveling for different purposes. That’s why Iran is the cheapest hub for different medical services. But it doesn’t mean that the quality of these services is low. You can receive the best services and treatments in Iran with the most skilled surgeons and in the best clinics and hospitals. We can claim that this is the main reason that many choose Iran over other countries in the world.

Skilled and experienced doctors and surgeons

The science and skills of Iranian doctors and surgeons are world-famous. Many patients only choose Iran to have their treatments with Iranian famous doctors. Iranian companies like IranMedopia can make it possible for you to connect with the best doctors in Iran and receive your desired services with peace of mind and have the best result.


Iran COVID medical tours