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Iran is known as one of the hubs of plastic surgeries not only in the middle east but in the world. Many people do many plastic surgeries like rhinoplasty in Iran annually. But that’s not all. Not only Iranians but also many tourists from around the world choose Iran as a medical tourism destination and prefer to do cosmetic and medical treatment in the cities of Iran. if you are also interested in doing plastic surgeries in Iran, this article is going to be useful for you. IranMedopia, as one of the pioneers of Iran medical tours, is going to tell what are the most popular plastic surgeries in Iran that people seem to like to do in Iran.

Top cosmetic surgeries in Iran

Skilled and experienced Iranian surgeons and doctors and modern hospitals and clinics make Iran one of the most trustworthy destinations for all patients from around the world. Besides that, the cost of medical and cosmetic surgeries in Iran is lower than most of the countries in the world (due to the value of Rial, the Iranian currency). All these options make Iran a dreamy destination for all people who want to make a change in their appearance and body. But let’s talk about the main question in this article. What are the most popular surgeries in Iran?

Obesity surgeries in Iran

Weight loss surgery in Iran is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that men and women are interested to do to have the body shape they dream of. Among all the methods that are performed in Iran are gastric sleeve and gastric bypass that give you the best result and it is known as the safest weight loss method in the world.

Cosmetic dentistry services in Iran

Dentistry services are one of the services that medical tour providers like IranMedopia offer at the best price with the most skilled dentists in Iran. between these services, we can mention dental implant in Iran and Hollywood smile design. 

Plastic surgeries in Iran

Last but not the least, Iran has the greatest number of nose job surgery in the world. But not only the rhinoplasty, but other plastic surgeries like facelift, blepharoplasty, Botox, and fillers are so popular in Iran. here you can change naturally with the lowest price. Iranian surgeons are the most famous doctors in the world in the field of facelift and plastic surgeries.

Best medical tours with IranMedopia

If you are also looking for a way to travel to Iran for cosmetic surgeries, IranMedopia is here to help you with that. IranMedopia is one of the first providers of medical tour services that offers many useful packages for people who want to travel to Iran for cosmetic and medical services. With IranMedopia you can experience the best and high-quality services at a reasonable price with the most skilled and famous doctors and surgeons. Also, you can receive other services that you may need in Iran like transportation, accommodation, medical visa, interpreter, and a nurse. 


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