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Iranmedopia company is one of the best Iranian medical tourism companies that provides integrated treatment and cosmetic packages and introduces the most experienced doctors and high-quality hospitals in attracting esteemed foreign patients to Iran. This collection has made every effort to attract tourists by providing medical and cosmetic services and to inspire the quality of our country's medical services to other countries. In the continue, we are going to tell you why you have to choose Iran and IranMedopia company for your medical and cosmetic treatments. Stay with us.

Iran Medical Tours; Why Iran?

The story begins here that anyone in any country in the world who wants to use the medical or cosmetic tours and services like weight loss surgery in Iran can choose this country. In medical tourism services, you can use IVF infertility treatment services, or use ophthalmology or dental services. And maybe the person is not sick and is only interested in beauty and cosmetic services, in which case Iran is the best place for cosmetic operations on the nose, face and body especially in rhinoplasty in Iran.

In the Middle East, Iran is known as a reliable and safe destination for medical tourists. Since Iran has unprecedented experience in controlling hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses, pharmaceutical companies supply the drugs needed to control HCV and HBV infection at very low prices and at the same time high efficiency, and considering high standards and Low costs of medical services, therefore, can be a good destination for medical tourists, and the number of medical tourists in Iran is expected to exceed half a million by the end of 2022. Compared to its regional competitors such as Turkey, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Iran receives lower costs for providing qualified medical services and is a higher priority for medical tourism.

Why IranMedopia?

When medical and hospital services are expensive, you are either at the bottom of a long waiting list, or the type of medical care you need is not available in your area, or most importantly, you are not satisfied with the quality of medical care in your area, you can call us.

IranMedopia is proud to announce that here in Iran, we can provide the highest quality medical services to applicants in modern clinics with up-to-date equipment by skilled doctors. Here we can make a position that our experienced surgeons visit patients to provide them with any services they may need. IranMedopia tries to take care of your treatment with your family members, under the supervision of the best Iranian doctors in all cities, including Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz etc., considering your comfort and convenience.

IranMedopia, with its very high focus on controlling and constantly increasing the quality of treatment and reducing unnecessary costs for patients, as well as providing tourist and recreational services, has achieved their complete satisfaction. In fact, the passengers of this complex go forward from the very beginning of entering Iran according to the pre-determined program, and also a person who specializes in translating the language of their companions to perform nursing services and city-tours without any problems and all medical and welfare needs.

We always try to provide cheap treatment for your disease in Iran by using our experienced staff. But the cheapness of the disease does not mean a decrease in quality, but we have provided a situation that you can choose different levels in medical and cosmetic services based on your budget. But what packages to we offer to our customers?

What are the services that IranMedopia provides for you?

Among the medical services we provide, these are the most popular ones:

  • weight loss surgeries: Gastric Sleeve – Gastric Bypass
  • dental services: Dental Implants – Hollywood Smile Design
  • Rhinoplasty
  • hair and facial hair transplants


Iran IranMedopia medical tours