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EghtesadOnline: Every year, hundreds of millions of people travel abroad to experience a new culture and enjoy the sun, the beach, the mountains, or famous art and architecture. However, another type of unconventional but highly coveted tourism has recently gained popularity: medical tourism. And that is, travelling to another country to visit its m monuments, beaches and also fix anything they may need to be fixed.

Cosmetic surgeries are getting more and more popular as their prices do. But there is another option which you can get the best cosmetic treatment while you're paying less low. And it's getting the treatment abroad. Iran is among the best destinations for cosmetic surgery, low cost and modern facilities with the best, well-trained doctors makes it even more attractive.  


What buccal fat removal exactly is?

Buccal fat removal is a plastic surgery that is performed to reduce the prominence of the cheeks by appropriate removal of adipose tissue.

The goal is to eliminate buccal fat, thinning the cheeks in a special way and in the hollow area of ​​the cheeks. Although some faces are naturally full, prominent and young, some people feel that there is too much fat, and that's why they resort to buccal surgery. Buccal surgery is a cosmetic procedure that can have good results if you maintain your weight and be realistic about it, so If you are considering this method and want to balance your face and cheeks, be sure to do so, as it will make your face look more attractive. They can remove the excess fat in their buccal area by a short procedure and never feel chubby again. If the person is looking for more defined cheeks, improved facial contours, rejuvenated facial shape, enhanced the facial appearance and increased self-confidence that can be the procedure for them. A plastic surgeon can do this process. It can even come with a facelift or other kinds of facial rejuvenation procedures to achieve a more beautiful, confident face.

Buccal fat operation can cost $ 5000 in the US and an average of $ 4500 in the UK. You can have a tremendous discount by getting this treatment in Iran. Actually with less than $ 1000. This adds to Iran's reputation in cosmetic surgery and its skilled doctors, which are among the best all over the world.

In the chart below, you see the buccal fat removal cost comparison in countries:


What is the difference between forehead countering and forehead reduction surgery?

The features of people's face are what make them unique. Faces are the first thing a person often sees. The Forehead is an important part of someone's look, because of its role in framing the whole face. Forehead contouring is applied when someone's Forehead appear too bold or masculine-looking. Some individuals are suffering from a receding or too-high hairline that can be fixed too. To remove the ridge, open up the appearance of the eyes, and create a more natural and softer appearance.

The patients undergo general anesthesia during the procedure .the brow bone is reconstructed to reduce its size, and the orbital bones are reshaped to reduce masculine characteristics. The surgeon usually removes, reshapes and reattaches the frontal bone so that it does not interfere with the underlying sinuses. If the Forehead must be reshaped, for filling out a ridge or concavity a synthetic material is used for creating the desired more rounded shape.

The Forehead reduction cost goes up to $ 25000 in the US but it costs lower in Europe going down to $ 8000 in the UK, but even UK can't compete with Iran in terms of costs and also quality. 


How much does Gynecomastia (breast surgery) cost?

Gynecomastia is also known as male breast surgery is a procedure that makes a correction on the enlarged or male breast. If you experience any physical or appearance discomfort with your breast, you might be a candidate for this surgery. There are two main methods for this procedure, liposuction and excision technique. In some case, both methods are used at the same time. Liposuction is used when the enlarged breast is the result of fatty tissue while excision technique is used when excess skin must be removed.

This procedure may contain anaesthesia for the patient's comfort during the surgery upon the doctor's recommendation general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation might be the case. 

Regarding the American Society of Plastic, the cost of Gynecomastia surgery is $ 3900 on average, which does not contain other expenses such as anaesthesia or using the operating room and facility fee. You can get this treatment with much less cost ($ 1450 average) in Iran with no hidden costs and as a total price. Besides the costs, you can get better results from Iran, Iran doctors, which are well experienced in this matter because of the high number of operations taking place each year in Iran and modern plastic surgery clinics in Iran. 

in the chart below, a significant price gap for gynecomastia surgery is shown comparing Iran with other countries:


Medipars medical tourism facilitator is an institution founded by doctors and travel consultants that provides international patients with medical and cosmetic treatments in Iran along with tourism. As the quality of our medical and healthcare service is our priority, we select all the best doctors carefully, which are skilled and experienced.

Skilled doctors and modern infrastructure coupled with affordable prices, makes Iran a great destination for getting any kind of treatment. 

Having surgery is a tough decision in itself, especially if you want to have it in a foreign country, we are here to ease your concerns. From the moment you arrive in Iran till the moment you leave the country we are with you, your transportation, accommodation and hospital reservations will be made by us before you arrive in Iran. The schedule of every patient's trip and treatment is planned in advanced for each day of stay. So you have nothing to worry about, not even hidden costs that may surprise you as we value transparency more than anything. 

Whatever patients need, including visa, hotel, transfer, SIM card, and internet, will be readily available to them upon arriving. 


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