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EghtesadOnline: Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kanaani stressed on Wednesday that anti-Iran positions of the European Parliament were in line with a failed policy towards the realities of Iranian society and people.

He made the remarks in a reaction to the anti-Iran statements by the President of the European Parliament and some representatives of the European Union in Tuesday's session.

“These positions are in line with the failed policy towards the realities of Iranian society and people, and reflect their confusion in the face of the stability, rationality, and authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said.

“Adopting interventionist logic and resorting to fruitless political-propaganda pressure, instead of logic of preparation for interaction based on mutual respect and common interests, reveals the lack of seriousness and sincerity of some European actors in their engagement with Iran,” Kanaani added.

“The interventionist statements made by some members of the European Parliament regarding Iran's internal affairs reflect the influence of disinformation campaigns on some European politicians. The baseless accusations against Iran regarding certain foreign nationals and prisoners who have been convicted based on solid evidence indicate that certain EU officials insist on maintaining confrontational positions against the people and government of Iran,” the spokesman went on to say.

Kanaani stressed, “This approach contradicts what is expressed by EU officials regarding interaction and dialogue with Iran”.

“Anti-Iran positions of the European Parliament over the past year have dealt a severe blow to Iran's relations with the European Union and we hope that these individuals will soon come to understand the realities and work to correct these incorrect statements and positions,” he noted.

Kanani emphasized that it is strongly expected from the European Union not to allow certain elements within the organization to make unconstructive, baseless, and contradictory statements that undermine the efforts to maintain communication and dialogue with Iran.

Naser kanaani