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EghtesadOnline: Khouzestan Steel Company exported 1.36 million tons of slab, bloom and billet during the first 11 months of the current fiscal year (March 20, 2020-Feb. 18) to emerge as the biggest steel exporter of Iran.

The volume of exports, however, registered a 19% year-on-year fall. 

According to data released by Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization, KSC’s exports during the 11th month of the year (Jan. 19-Feb. 18) stood at 104,008 tons, down 19% YOY.

KSC exported a record high of 2.76 million tons in the last fiscal year (March 2017-18), marking a growth rate of 34% YOY.

Mobarakeh Steel Company, the largest steel company in Iran, produced 130,917 tons during the month and 1.06 million tons during the 11 months under review, down 19% and down 22% respectively.

Esfahan Steel Company’s exports totaled 880,528 tons during the 11 months to register an 18% year-on-year decline. The company’s monthly exports during the month under review went down by 12% to 115,000 tons. 

South Kaveh Steel Company took the next spot with 728,000 tons of billet exports to post a 5% YOY fall. The mill recorded a 47% increase in monthly exports, with 115,000 tons.

Chadormalu Iron Ore Processing Company was next with 543,004 tons of billet exports, 89,971 tons of which were shipped during the 11th month of the current fiscal year. 

IMIDRO’s figures show a 64% increase in the company's exports in the first 11 months of the year and a 25% jump in the 11th month's shipments. 

Hormozgan Steel Company came after, exporting 344,286 tons during the nine months, down 42%. HSC shipped 30,804 tons during the month to Dec. 20, marking a 49% decline YOY.

Kavir Steel Company followed with more than 514,129 tons of exports during the 11 months under review. Sirjan Steel Company registered the highest jump among major steel exporters during the first 11 months and exported 101,991 tons, 1553% higher than the same period of last year. 

Bonab Steel Company registered the highest growth during the ninth month of the year, marking a 668% rise with 3,749 tons. 

The data used in this report are based on preliminary statistics provided by IMIDRO on Iran's major producers and lack details on most private producers' shipments.

A more detailed report is usually published by Iran Steel Producers Association later.

Major steel producers reviewed by IMIDRO experienced a 1% fall in export volume during the 11th month of the year and a 12% decline during the first 11 months of the year, as they exported 690,748 tons of steel products during the month to Feb. 18 and 6.11 million tons during the 11 months.

ISPA’s latest report shows more than 7.5 million tons of finished and semi-finished steel products were exported from Iran during the first 10 months of the current fiscal year (March 20-Jan. 19), the Iranian Steel Producers Association’s latest report says.

Semi-finished steel made up 5.13 million tons of the total export volume, down 12% year-on-year.

Billet and bloom had the lion’s share of semis exports with an aggregate of 3.92 million tons, 4% less than the corresponding period of last year’s 4.09 million tons. Slab came next with 1.2 million tons, down 30% YOY. Iranian steelmakers exported 1.72 million tons of slab during the same period of last year. 

Exports of finished steel products declined by 20% with 2.373 million tons. 

Rebar accounted for the largest portion of finished steel products exported from Iran during the 10-month period under review, with 1.48 million tons. The volume of Iran’s rebar exports experienced a 22% YOY fall.

Hot-rolled coil came next with 476,000 tons, registering q 2% YOY growth. 

Beams exports stood at 151,000 tons, down 4% YOY. Nearly 159,000 tons of L-beam, T-beam and other types were exported from Iran during the 10-month period, recording an 18% decline YOY. 

Coated coil with 73,000 tons, down 46% YOY, and cold-rolled coil with 26,000 tons, down 76% YOY, were other finished steel products exported from Iran. 

The export of direct-reduced iron dropped by 25% YOY to 666,000 tons.

The aggregate annual capacity of Iranian steel companies is around 40 million tons.

Presently, there are 84 steel mills in Iran.

Mobarakeh Steel Company, Iran’s biggest steelmaker, accounts for 18% of the total production capacity with 7.2 million tons per year.

Khuzestan Steel Company comes next with 3.8 million tons followed by Esfahan Steel Company with 3.6 million tons and South Kaveh Steel Company with 2.4 million tons.

As per the goals set in the 20-Year National Vision Plan (2005-25), Iran seeks to become the world’s sixth largest steelmaker by 2025 with a crude steel output capacity of 55 million tons.

IMIDRO is a state-run enterprise and Iran's biggest holding company active in the mining sector.


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