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EghtesadOnline: Iran’s state TV on Monday released footage of test launch of a new satellite launch vehicle named Zoljanah.

Ahmad Hosseini, spokesman for the Defense Ministry’s Space Department, told IRIB4 that the new SLV can reach a height of 500 kilometers and carry a 220-kg payload.

Zoljanah is a three-stage hybrid solid liquid-fueled rocket. The first two stages use solid fuel and the third burns liquid fuel. 

The SLV features a solid fuel-propelled motor that is the largest yet exhibited in action by Iran.

The footage showed the launch taking place during daytime in a desert environment. The location of the launch was not disclosed, but experts speculate it took place at Semnan Space Center.

The rocket, named Zoljanah after the horse of Imam Hussein (PBUH), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), did not launch a satellite into orbit. The satellite carrier is 25.5 meters long and weighs 52 tons.

The Defense Ministry spokesperson said the rocket is capable of carrying either a single 220-kilogram satellite or up to 10 cubesats.

He said the test helped Iran achieve its “most powerful” rocket engine to date, adding that the engine was even stronger than the previously tested military engines, seemingly in reference to IRGC-developed Salaman solid fuel engine.

According to Hosseini, the rocket can be launched using a mobile launching pad or a transporter erector launcher. He also noted that Iran plans to launch the same carrier from Iran’s southern coats in future

It was not clear that the planned launch would be a trial, or it would aim to put a satellite into orbit.

In the past, Iran has used various liquid-fuel SLVs to put smaller devices into orbit. 

Last year, the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps used a Qased, or “Messenger”, satellite carrier to put Iran’s first military satellite Noor satellite into orbit.

Iran will celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution later in February. 

Observers speculate that in the coming days, Islamic Republic might unveil more space technologies or even put another satellite into orbit.


Satellite Launch