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EghtesadOnline: In today's digital world, customer experience of interacting with brands is very important. This experience is much broader than buying and selling goods or services.

Until a while ago, the main key to business success was just offering quality products to customers. But today the situation has completely changed and customer expectations have evolved significantly. Now Business success largely depends on understanding the concept of digital experience.

Companies, in addition to offering good products, should have a special and well-structured plan to interact with customers. As the digital environment replaces traditional markets, it is vital that companies create a great digital experience. The experience that is created in digital platforms. This consideration has led to the emergence of a new concept in marketing called the digital customer experience.

The quality of the digital experience plays a central role in the customer's decision-making process and his/her brand perceptions. Customer’s  behavior and how  they make decisions is not based solely on logical components and we should pay  special attention to emotional elements as well.

Today, most companies introduce their solutions through digital platforms. Customer’s perception of the quality of these solutions largely depends on the quality of the companies  presence in the digital scene and the feelings they evoke in the customers. In short, digital experience is the customer's emotions and perceptions of connecting with the brand in the digital environment. Creating a nice digital customer experience is an ongoing process in which companies strive to improve the quality of their relationships and interactions with customers on digital platforms.

Digital experience is closely related to the concept of customer journey map. The customer journey map is the path that a business draws to plan the best practice for interacting with potential costumers. At each stage of the journey map, the customer experiences specific events. The main goal is to turn potential customers into the real buyers and ultimately the brand advocates. Of course, the customer journey map has a broad conceptual range and the digital experience is just one of its components.

How to improve the digital customer experience?

Now that we know the importance of the digital customer experience, we should look for specific ways to improve it. In other words,  you  need to find ideas for using them to create value for your target audience through the digital environment. Your audience need to feel good about their digital interaction with you. But how can you improve the digital customer experience? Below, we offer some practical suggestions for this.

1. Generate valuable content

One of the most important factors in improving the digital experience is generating the right content for your audience. Before wanting goods and services, most audience need content that creates real value. But what is valuable content? It is a type of the content that raises the audience's awareness, answers their questions or simplifies the decision-making process for them.

Content comes in many forms and the most common is textual content. However, considering the changing preferences of the audience, it is better to have a special plan for generating audio and video contents as well.

2. Improve site interface

Today, all business have a website whose user interface connects them to their audience. A major part of what audience experience when interacting with you in digital space happens through the site's user interface. Poor user interface immediately discourages the audience from continuing to interact with your brand. In this case, you will not have the opportunity  to convey your message or offer your solutions to customers. So, your site interface should be user friendly.

Improving the user interface of a site may include several aspects. The site may need to be redesigned completely; or maybe you can create a better experience for your audience just by changing the template. After loading the site, if many ads or pop-up windows open, reducing or removing them is a great idea. By the way, site optimization based on Mobile-First algorithm is another vital point you should consider it.

3. Create your own application

Mobile applications are gradually becoming a trend in the business. Many businesses offer their own applications in order to have a deeper relationship with their customers or target audience. These applications facilitate brand interaction for users and provide them with interesting features and capabilities. A well-designed app builds a closer relationship between the brand and users. It also encourages user to interact more with the brand. In addition, having an app is a good idea to strengthen the "brand reminder" index, which plays an important role in the branding process.

4. Focus on real-time communications

One of the best ways to improve your digital customer experience is to provide the right service for real-time communications. Customers may need help or want ask a question when visiting the site or using the app. If you can enable them to communicate quickly using solutions such as chatbots or Business live chat software , you will dramatically increase their satisfaction.

People who communicate with your brand or business in the digital space care a lot about the processing speed; so, you should minimize the response time to proceed their requests. Automation plays an important role in achieving this goal.

Also, having a great knowledge base on your site can be super helpful to decrease the load on your support agents.

Final word: What are the best practices to begin with?

To answer this important question, you should first find out problem areas. If the site's user interface has a problem, change it as soon as possible. If you have not yet generated valuable content for your audience, develop a coherent strategy and move forward based on it.

Analytical tools and direct feedbacks are the best sources for obtaining objective and useful information. By providing feedbacks, target audience can share their opinions and preferences with you and analytical tools will inform you of what they have not said. These are unspoken data that users are unwilling or unable to express and you can extract important points from which. In the meantime, do not forget to consult with experienced experts because they can make a big difference. By using these three elements, you will gain a more comprehensive understanding into the concept of digital customer experience. Consequently, you can manage the improve process more efficiently.


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