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EghtesadOnline: The average cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is 1000 to 2500$, while it's more than 4000 $ in the European and American countries.

 It's more amazing when you found out there are no added costs like anaesthesia and medication to this number, while in other countries there are factors which you have to pay for, apart from the main rhinoplasty cost. this article, we are going to review all factor which may affect the rhinoplasty cost in Iran and compare it with other countries.

when we talk about a plastic surgery،we talk about the important change on the body to improve the function of a part of the body or its appearance too, this helps people to improve their impression and increase their self-confidence. Rhinoplasty is working on the most impressive part of the face to dramatically change the shape of the nose. The cost of the nose job is the most important issue which alters the decision of rhinoplasty. Iran helps people who interested in rhinoplasty in Iran, makes it cheaper and easier.


Rhinoplasty cost may be affected by:

Types of rhinoplasty:

The most important aspect in the rhinoplasty cost in Iran is the type of rhinoplasty and the nature of rhinoplasty required to be performed on the nose. The minor corrective rhinoplasty in Iran is much lower than an intensive surgery which takes longer surgery. If the patient needs extensive nose reshaping, which procedure is longer, the rhinoplasty cost maybe more.

Also if the patients need corrective surgery for correct breathing problems or need septoplasty.requir to pay the highest prices.


Anaesthesia fee

Rhinoplasty goes under general anaesthesia, which helps to relax in order to not feel any pain through the surgery. In many countries for rhinoplasty, the patient has to pay for the anesthesiologist. They take 300 to 500$, while the surgeon has his/her special team and you couldn't choose anyone you like. Good news is in Iran there are no additional costs for the anesthesiologist.


Surgical facilities and hospital

Rhinoplasty can be performed in three places: private surgical places, ambulatory surgical centres and hospitals.

Private surgical places usually located in the surgeon's office. In these places, the costs are the least. The advantage of these places is the staff who are working with the surgeon for a long time and they are familiar and experienced.

Ambulatory centres are the third party providers which provide all your surgeon needs, they require more costs. There are no beds to stay in these centres.

Hospitals are the most expensive choice. Though it is the most costly option, it's the most equipped option which provides professional services for patients who have complicated services. Remember, ask the surgeon to examine exactly the medical history if you need to have rhinoplasty in Iran in a hospital or other places. Having a nose job in the hospital may decrease many risks for sensitive patients.

Pre and post-operative care

Many people thought, after rhinoplasty, they can come back to the normal life and there are no costs. The medical tourism provider or surgeon may delete these from total rhinoplasty cost in Iran. Post-op appointments, some medications, and pre-op consultation are the most important factors that may affect your total cost. In medical providers and surgeon cost usually pre-op session is free, but you must pay for your medication which usually is for pain management after surgery. Many medical tourism companies in Iran are providing post-op appointments free for rhinoplasty in Iran.

Another pre-op need is lab tests, medical ghraphies may require. They are not too much expensive in Iran, on the other hand, they are not many tests, just for determination of your blood cells status to know if you have anaemia or not. The other pre-op lab tests for rhinoplasty in Iran is PT and PTT, they are for the determination of bleeding prevention system of your body. The surgeon may ask more tests.

For complicated surgeries like septoplasty, the surgeon may require the head and sinus CT scan.

Surgeon's cost

Rhinoplasty cost will also depend on the surgeon expertise, experience, even their location of the practice. Their skill level is the other element that affects the rhinoplasty cost in Iran. Their surgical fees should not be important, your surgeon must be a person who you are comfortable with to talk easily about your cosmetic goals, your interests and has the skill to perform them through the surgery. Choosing a surgeon who you can trust to achieve your interests safely and effectively is priceless. Rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran are skilful and experienced based on the high number of rhinoplasty in Iran, their success rate in rhinoplasty is amazingly over 90%, this shows their level in the world. Mediranco says an amazing message that says: "Analysts forecast Iranian surgeons will perform more than 10% of rhinoplasties of the world by 2025 because of their quality performance, modern technology, expertise and lower price in comparison with their American and Mexican counterparts"


The good news is, Mediranco the medical tourism services in Iran, provide rhinoplasty in Iran with no additional cost, there is no cost for paraclinical tests, pre-op consultation, post-op appointments and medications and no added cost for anaesthesia. They provide amazing packages for rhinoplasty in Iran includes all costs of your surgery. The packages for a nose job in Iran in Mediranco starts from 1450 USD, as we said before, the nose should be checked if the surgery has more complications.


Rhinoplasty cost in Iran in 2020

Mediranco also predicts the price of rhinoplasty in Iran in 2020: "Due to the coronavirus crisis in 2020 all over the world, tourism industry experience very bad silence and no passengers to travel, no one made the decision to plan a trip, it is the worse year for tourism, but the good news is you can postpone the plan of travel not cancel It at all, even for treatment.also a good plan needs a budget to come in is difficult to say anything about rhinoplasty cost in 2020 around the world based on cancellation of all unnecessary surgeries, but it's predictable. we hope not to increase our prices by more than 20%. The rhinoplasty cost in Iran in 2019 was about 1450$ to 2500$, but rhinoplasty cost in Iran in 2020 may stand on 1650$ to 2800$.hope to see you in 2020 soon."


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