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EghtesadOnline: Two dams were built in southern Bushehr Province in eight years and six more are under construction.

Bushehr lacks efficient infrastructure to collect and conserve surface runoff after rainstorms. As a result, water penetrates the wastewater collection systems and damages pipes flooding homes and streets, IRNA reported.

As there are not enough dams in the province to collect the surface water after torrential seasonal rains, annually 2.5 billion cubic meters of the runoff pass through cities and villages and directly pours into the Persian Gulf, harming farmlands and damaging urban and rural infrastructure on the way.

The dams under construction will help store surface runoff in different parts of the province. Due to drought and severe water shortages in the region, construction of storage dams will help collect the runoff and transform challenges into opportunity for the struggling agro sector.

Water use in the agriculture, industry and household sectors in this desert region exceeds one billion cubic meters per year and  is supplied from surface, groundwater and desalination sources.

Annually 871 million cubic meters of water is used for farming in the province, households consume 114 mcm and 60 mcm is used by industries. The main farm products are wheat, barley, onion, sesame, tomato, eggplant, lemon and dates.

Known as an industrial province, Bushehr is home to major refineries and power plants. The giant South Pars Gas Field is located in Asalouyeh County. The sole nuclear power plant is also in this province. 

It is one the most water-stressed regions. Conditions are so bad that authorities have been forced to transport water in tankers.

Among dam projects in the province are the Khaeiz Dam in Tangestan County and Arghun Kalameh Dam in Dashtestan County. The two structures are 85% complete. 

With a capacity to store 16 million cubic meters of water, Khaeiz Dam will irrigate 670 hectares of groves of palm trees. Arghun Kalameh Dam can hold 2 mcm of water that will supply Kalameh City.

Baghan Dam in Jam County is to be inaugurated next year. With a capacity of 32 mcm, it will provide local residents potable water and farmers in Dashti County.

Akhand Dam is being built in Asalouyeh. It has made 65% progress. Construction of Dalaki Dam in Dashtestan County is 35% through. 

Dasht-e-Palang Dam in Dashti County has made 15% progress and will hold 150 mcm of water to be used for drinking, agriculture and industrial use.


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