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A few years ago, car rental was limited to weddings or, at best, to tourist destinations such as Kish. Asking about insurance is one of the important questions.

Car rental companies can be seen renting all kinds of Iranian and foreign cars in Tehran and big cities. Anyone who wants to ride in a luxury car no longer needs to buy it but can rent a car for a few days, months, or even a year. For some people, having insurance is so important. You should know about all the insurance for the car that you like, and use one of them for the time that you want to rent a car.

Insurance of car rental

One of the most important issues in car rental laws is rental car insurance because it brings security and comfort to the lessor. When signing the contract, the lessor should pay attention to the conditions of car insurance and ask any questions or ambiguities in this regard from the company's experts.

All cars of Luxury Car Rental Company are covered by third-party insurance and full-body insurance. Rentkonim is one of the best companies for car rental. This company has a car rental license holder from the Ministry of Roads and has three types of insurance with different liability ceilings.

There are three types of insurance:


  • Basic insurance
  • Medium insurance
  • Golden Insurance

Each of these insurances has its characteristics. You can easily use any of these insurances according to your needs.

If you want to know about each insurance and the cost of them, you can click on this link after that, rent your favorite car.

Car rental benefits


Today, one of the most important parameters and factors in the lives of people who play a major role in their lives; It's time; so when we look at the lives of such people, they value their every moment. One of the benefits that car rental companies offer to these people is saving time and energy.

These people can use car rental services in situations such as travel, breakdown of their car, and the need for fast transportation do not have the opportunity to use their cars. On the other hand, renting a car makes it possible for people to use a luxury and suitable car in holding ceremonies such as weddings, engagements, making advertising clips, making business-related clips, to increase the quality and efficiency of their work. Also when you rent a car and pay for it; at that time you own the car and you can use it as a personal car. You can use car rental in all the cities in Iran and other cities such as Istanbul and Dubai. For example, in some cities such as Kerman, you can use car rental in Kerman and save your money and your time together.

Documents required to rent a car


The necessary documents for renting a car without a driver are:


  1. Be at least 20 years old
  2. Valid driver's license with a minimum validity of 6 months
  3. Need to provide valid proof of employment or residence of the lessor
  4. A check or promissory note in the amount of the car (the check or promissory note received will be returned to the customer at the end of the contract and the return of the car).
  5. Pay the full amount of the fare at the time of delivery of the car through cash payment or credit cards.
  6. Payment of an amount as a cash deposit (deposit) varies according to the type of vehicle requested.
  7. The amount of cash deposit (deposit) will be returned to the customer at the time of car return.

Tips for reducing the risk when renting a car

One of the concerns and problems of people when renting a car is the possibility of accidents, and damage to the car (especially when renting ceremonial and luxury cars) and this is why many of them do not use these quality and essential services.

All the car rental companies, by receiving an amount commensurate with the type and model of your rental car, the company will consider in proportion to that insurance that if you have had an accident with the rented car or encountered any other problem, your damage will be compensated to a considerable extent.

If you want to reserve your favorite car in Dubai, you should click on this link and choose your favorite car from our company and start your travel with your family or your friends.


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