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Due to the great importance of consuming dates in the weekly diet and because of maintaining the health of the body, we must ensure the health of the dates that we buy, so that we do not face any problem in this regard.

Therefore, it is very important to know the quality of dates, and here we examine how to identify high-quality dates and what are the symptoms of rotten dates. By buying dates from Hoorbam, as a date exporter brand, you can get the best quality dates. Hoorbam is one of the best export dates brand in Iran, which has the best products in terms of quality and storage conditions.

Stay with us.

Methods of determining the quality of dates

When buying dates, people should pay attention to the logo of food and medicine on its packaging, because this symbol indicates that it is produced in a reputable factory and is under its control. Dates have a sticky surface and absorb various contaminants.

Dates are packed immediately after being removed from the tree, despite dust and microbial agents, so it is recommended to wash the package after opening it and then eat it. Dates are sensitive to temperature and excess dates should be kept in the cold chain.

Dates that have a pungent taste and are spread in the mouth due to their lack of durability are spoiled or have expired. These dates are rotten and inedible. They have food and medicine logos, are reliable and controllable.















Dates can be a good choice instead of industrial sugars, because they release their sugar slowly and gradually in the body and provide the necessary nutrients and fiber for the body. Dates have several nutritional properties, including strengthening the body's immunity against infectious and non-infectious diseases and increasing the body's resistance. Dates are a type of fruit that provides the body with vitamins A, B, C, E along with minerals including phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium.

Dates are somewhat effective in preventing high blood pressure and anemia, and also neutralize stomach acid with their antioxidant effects. Regulating blood clotting, improving intestinal problems, reducing anxiety and anger, and calming during pregnancy are other properties of eating dates.

Dates alone or in combination with milk are also effective in improving sleep quality. All three dates are considered a unit of fruit, and considering that 4 to 5 units of fruits and vegetables should be consumed daily, dates can be considered as a unit of fruit for healthy people.

Consumption of fresh dates is better than dried dates and its benefits are more.

Dates can be used as a portable and simple snack and it is recommended that people get used to eating dates as a substitute for sugar with tea. Dates contain enough iron, folic acid, protein and fat, which due to the carbohydrates it contains, consuming three of them with 60 kcal, provides the necessary energy for the body. The use of fruits is not limited to all healthy people and even diabetics, and diabetics can eat dates, but the amount of use should not be excessive.

What are the signs of date rot?

Date spoilage is caused by the presence of bacteria, mold, yeast and storage pests. The smell of sourness is an indication of fermentation of dates. Sometimes in bulk dates, the storage conditions are so unsuitable that moldy stains can be easily seen. Worm infestation and the presence of pests in dates are also signs of its corruption that this problem should be solved in stages and the date should be harvested.
















Is sugaring dates a sign of corruption?

Sugaring, which is the formation of crystals or sugar crystals, is more common in wet varieties such as Mazafati dates and Kebabs, and in fully ripe dates, which are due to poor storage conditions, and if dates are stored in the refrigerator, this phenomenon is less likely to occur. . In any case, giving thanks is not considered corruption. Sugar reduces the quality of the date from the consumer's point of view only by making changes in the texture and appearance.

Why do some dates become sour?

Dates are rich in carbohydrates (sugars) and if the conditions for the growth of microorganisms are provided, soft dates, which have more moisture than their dried counterparts, will ferment quickly and get a sour taste and smell. Relatively warm and humid air and the presence of oxygen are essential for the growth of microorganisms and the fermentation process, and if dates are stored at low temperatures such as refrigerators and in closed containers, their storage capacity will increase.

Factors reducing the quality of dates

  • Do not use suitable equipment for arranging and collecting the product
  • Injuries caused by improper equipment use
  • Use improperly collected containers
  • Improper separation of different types of dates based on physical characteristics
  • Do not separate defective and damaged dates from other harvested dates
  • Improper product packaging
  • Failure to adjust the desired temperature of the date storage environment
  • Do not use proper means of transportation and carry excess capacity with the vehicle.
  • Do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides to repel various pests.
  • Improper and unprincipled process of storing dates and not paying attention to regulating the temperature of the product storage environment
  • Waste due to delay in product consumption and disregard for the principles of reducing waste production.
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Dates are known as a very nutritious food all over the world, and countries that do not benefit from this divine blessing natively, by importing dates, make up for their deficit in this field. Different countries of the world, including India, import dates from Hoorbam Company for many years and there has always been customer satisfaction in this regard.


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