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The Leading Pistachio Exporter in the World


Pistachio is one of the most important nuts in Iran and the world and has a high nutritional value. Iran is one of the largest and leading pistachio exporters in the world. The best type of pistachio in the world belongs to Iran

Origin of the Iranian Pistachios

The pistachio tree is a native Iranian shrub with edible seeds. This shrub grows in dry areas and warm and temperate climates. The most pistachio cultivation in Iran belongs to the outskirts of Iran's deserts. Since these areas have hot days and cool nights, they are the most suitable conditions for growing high-quality pistachios. Due to its geographical location, Iran is the best pistachio cultivation region in the world

Supplier of the Iranian Pistachios

Pistachio trees survive in harsh weather conditions, even in the coldest winters and the hottest summers. These special climatic conditions of Iran have caused this difference between Iranian pistachios with pistachios in other countries and regions worldwide. With about 500,000 tons of pistachios production, Iran has always been among the world's largest pistachio manufacturers and exporters. Undoubtedly, the most crucial difference between Iranian pistachios is their excellent taste, unique appearance and taste, and more crispness than other countries' pistachios

Product diversity: Cultivating more than 60 types of pistachios in Iran that meet the needs of many people

Iranian pistachio Taste: Certainly, you will not find any other pistachios delicious as soon as you taste Iranian pistachios. Also, its unique taste and flavor will stay in your mind

Iranian pistachio high heatability: Due to its unsaturated oil, Iranian pistachio can heat up to 180 degrees without destroying its tissue or its minerals interaction. These properties make pistachios tastier; therefore, pistachio becomes a suitable option for the food processing industry. For this reason, a high volume of Iranian pistachios is used in the confectionery and ice cream industries

Types of the Iranian Pistachios


Botanically, about 60 types of Iranian pistachios have been identified in Iran so far. Some of which are widely and commercially grown, and some of which are cultivated scattered and limited. These magical fruit and nuts are very delicious and full of energy in addition to their beautiful appearance and freshness

Iran is the birthplace of various pistachios, and Iranian pistachios are divided into two main groups, including round pistachios and long pistachios. The most important commercial and exporting pistachios are round pistachios such as Fandoghi Pistachio (round pistachio) with more than 40% of the Iranian pistachio exporting volume and Kale Ghoochi pistachio with 20% exports and production of the Iranian pistachios

Exporting the other pistachio group, such as Akbari Pistachio , is 15%, and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios (long pistachio) is 2% of the Iranian pistachio export. The remaining percentage belongs to Badami pistachios (semi-long)

Fandoghi Pistachio 


One of the leading exporting pistachios is Fandoghi pistachio . Due to its small, round and hazelnut-like appearance, known as Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio). The high volume of production and its affordable price compared to other cultivars have made it the main exporting pistachio of Iran. The skin color of Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is naturally light cream. The delicious kernel, spherical and rounded shape of Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) makes it suitable for decorating all kinds of sweets. The Cost-effectiveness of Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) can be attributed to the smallness of their seeds.

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio


Another important exporting pistachio from the long pistachios family is Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio . Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio (long pistachio) is one of the new types of commercial pistachio in Iran. The high volume of harvest and a few required times for harvesting are the prominent features of this type of pistachio. One of the most famous Iranian pistachios in East Asian and Indian markets is Ahmad Aghaei pistachio (long pistachio). Ahmad Aghaei pistachio (long pistachio) has the whitest skin among the other types of Iranian pistachios, and its shell is half open on one side and completely open on the other side. Bright reddish-purple kernel color and its elongated shape are the most important properties of this Iranian pistachio cultivar. Adding Ahmad Aghaei pistachios (long pistachio) to your nuts dish will give a unique appearance

Iranian pistachio Exporter fandoghi pistachio export pistachio from iran