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EghtesadOnline: Everything about web design is mentioned in this article, which introduces you to the concept of web, web design programming languages, website design steps, website types and its necessity.

So join us in this article to get more information about website design.

What is the web?

If we want to know the answer to the question "What is web design?", We must first be familiar with the concept of the web.

The World Wide Web, abbreviated as www, is a component of the Internet and has resources of web pages, each of which has a specific URL and is routed by them. The user can access the desired web page by entering the desired web page in the browser.

Your website address has several sections:

  • Protocol (http or ftp)
  • www (Internet service environment)
  • Domain name or website name
  • Domain extensions (com .org, .ir, .net. And…)

This section contains website information and is called the website home page index.html, which includes texts and images that the website designer determines how to arrange it.

Website design history

The history of website design dates back to 1999, when Tim Berners-Lee first designed his web page in a few paragraphs and a link to their email in mailto.

Thus, Tim Berners-Lee became known as the first web designer, and this event is one of the most important developments in the field of communication in the 21st century.

Familiarity with the concept of web design

Website design refers to the skills and activities to structure a site from zero to one hundred. All these activities are performed by the website designer according to a schedule on images, texts, audio files and video files.


Who is the web designer called?

To design a website, you need a lot of experts, including graphic designers, programmers, SEO, support and…, the most important of which are website designers, programmers and SEO. A web designer is someone who is creative in creating a website design and uses beautiful designs to promote your website and design something that the user is directly related to.

There are two types of web designers:

  • Frontend developer: Designs the appearance of the website using web-based programming languages and designs exactly what the user sees.
  • Backend developer: is the website body designer and includes everything that the user does not see, such as database, file storage, user information and….

Content production is not the job of a web designer!

According to the standards set for web design as well as web designers, content production is not the responsibility of the web designer and the web designer is only responsible for creating the site, but if a separate contract is made in this regard, the web designer can prepare content production and enter it on the site.

Why is website design important?

Every online business today needs to have a good website to grow their business. Your website can be the reason for the success of your business or the reason for its failure! This factor depends on the ability of your website to influence the audience. So having a website without being seen by customers will not help your business to prosper much. One of the important features of website design in your business is saving time, introducing products and services without having space and time constraints.

Website types

There are two types of website on the internet:


Such websites are only for introduction to the user and do not require constant change of information within the site, i.e. the update is done in a short time. For this reason, this method of site design is obsolete.


In this new way of designing your site, you will be able to update your website by having an admin and a management panel. This update includes adding or reducing web pages, creating a variety of forms, and more.

Web design steps

  • Planning to build a site
  • Content research
  • Graphic design of site template
  • Coding
  • Install a content management system or CMS
  • Enter basic site information
  • Website testing and review

Web design languages

It is very important for people who want to design a website to know which web programming language to learn and work in it.


It is capable of displaying textual and visual information and is the first language you must learn in web programming.


Many templates that do not exist in html are available to designers in CSS.


This web language is used to increase the dynamics of pages and evaluate html forms, creating a variety of menus, and so on.


It is a JavaScript web-based framework. This language does not interfere with HTML language code. In fact, this language facilitates many things that can be done with JavaScript.


Basic skills for web design

  • Full mastery of HTML
  • Full mastery of CSS
  • Learn JavaScript
  • Learn JQuery
  • Learn bootstrap
  • Familiarity with web design software such as DreamWeaver, PHP storm, Note pad++
  • Familiarity with database software such as MySQL
  • Learn web design standards

Do not worry about designing your website!

If you want to have a beautiful website that meets Google's standards, Orangency strives to provide the best performance for you, dear customers, based on the needs and business goals of our customers, using creativity and new ideas and the proper use of technology.


Website Web Design which introduces you to the concept of web web design programming languages website design steps programming