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EghtesadOnline: Dubai is the HUB of the Middle East, so if you find the best website design company in Dubai, most probably you have found the best web design company in the whole region. In this article, we have listed the best 5 companies in the web design industry working legally in UAE/Dubai.

To do that, we try to consider some important factors to evaluate each one of them and to find out their pros and cons. These are the factors that will be measured in this evaluation:

1. Quality: It refers to the quality of the website to be created. SEO standards, website security and coding, will be evaluated in this section

2. Design: It is imperative that how your website will look overall. If there is a standard website, but it doesn’t attract visitors, you will get a bad score. So, the design is the essence of a website.

3. Support: There are some companies that give you a website, and they run away! In these cases, if you need even a little change, you have to deal with another company, which is not going to be a great experience. Adequate support should be provided by a web design company and is an important factor to consider when choosing a company. Bear in mind that support is always coming with a cost.

4. Timing: Time is money. So better you deal with a company which knows that and appreciate the schedule they provide. How long a project takes does matter but sticking to the timeline plan is more important.

5. Cost: Quality comes with a cost, but you should be careful not to be charged overprice. There are different types of companies in Dubai with a wide range of prices; however, most of them are not decent in terms of quality. In the cost evaluation section, we consider only good companies.

All the factors have been considered in this article to come up with the 3 best web design companies in Dubai. We have rated each factor from 1 to 5 in which 1 star refers to the worst and 5 stars refers to the best service.

Consider that this rating system could vary based on your business industry. For example, when we are talking about Website Design for a Restaurant in Dubai, design and support are the most important factors.


1- Websima DMCC: Everything in a Basket (4.2 Rating)


Websima DMCC |  Web Design company Dubai


Phone: +971 4 5656 871


If you want a company capable of everything, there you go. The good point about them is that they are more global as they have offices in Dubai, Sydney and Istanbul. They are very famous for SEO Services as well.

· Quality: 4 Star — The quality is there, especially for SEO standards.

· Design: 5 Star — Just let them sketch the design for you and enjoy. There is no need to worry about this matter.

· Support: 4 Star- Acceptable support with an affordable price

· Timing: 4 Star — They give you a schedule and stick to it; however, they are not the fastest company. They have “The Express Service” if you are in a hurry, but they charge you for that.

· Cost: 4 Star — Worth the price definitely. It should have been the 5-star as they are not over-priced at all. But we leave the 5-star open for cheaper companies.

Altogether the rating is 4.2. If you are looking for a website company that has all the standards with an incredible design and an affordable cost, Websima DMCC is a good chice. If you want a SEO high standard website, just deal with them.


2- element8: Enlarge Companies’ Specialist (4.2 rating)


Location: Office 3401, Latifa Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: 04 3545956


One of the best web design companies in Dubai, if not the best! Very reliable and consistent service.

· Quality: 5 Star — There is no doubt about their quality.

· Design: 5 Star — They have a design team of their own, and you can trust them. They use an up-to-date design and technology

· Support: 4 Star- Their support is good enough; however, it is really costly. All the supports come with a cost, but this one is relatively high

· Timing:4 Star — In terms of sticking to their schedule, they are 5-star; however, in terms of how quick they are to finish a project, we give them a 3-star rating. So, you will get an accurate but long schedule for your website with them

· Cost: 3 Star — This company is one of the most expensive companies in the market to deal with, if not the most expensive one. It is worth the price but not recommended for small businesses.

Altogether the rating is 4.2 for this company. It is recommended for big companies to deal with them. You will be satisfied with their web design and SEO services; however, you will need to pay a lot of money for that.



3- Go Gulf: Old but Gold (4 rating)


Location: HQ — Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road Saeed Tower 1, floor 24, office 2406

Phone: +971 4 282 2203


This company is one of the most famous web design and digital marketing companies in Dubai. They have a branch in Abu Dhabi as well that will make them more available all around the UAE.

· Quality: 4 Star — Quality is there, but probably not the best.

· Design: 3 Star — Their only issue is their designs. We cannot say that they have terrible designs, but they use old UI/UX methods to sketch a website. Maybe you will like their taste, but it is not up-to-date anyway

· Support: 5 Star- They have the best support in UAE in terms of quality and cost without a doubt.

· Timing:4 Star — You may encounter delay on your project but not that much. They are professional enough to handle the schedule.

· Cost: 4 Star — All together this company worth the price they offer.

Altogether the rating is 4. It is recommended if you are not a perfectionist about your website sketch to work with this company. You can get a 5-star support from them after website delivery, and you can access them in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Bear in mind that there are also some other good companies in Dubai’s competitive market. Just remember to deal with them if they are officially registered; otherwise, you may get into trouble with freelancers.

Here is the summary table of these 6 companies for you to compare them easier:


Nevertheless, cost is always a key factor to choose your desired company. To understand that how much does a website cost in UAE, you can read this article: “web design dubai price” or you can either watch its related video on the same link.


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