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From bowl to bow, color to color, and size to size, dates may differ in appearance, but the same principles add up to all of them: high in vitamins, Iron reserves, nutritious ingredients, and no two ways about it.

Noshid dates don’t fall far from the umbrella neither, if not improving it. Yielded straight out the most fertile and potent semi-drylands of the south, the magnificent “Phoenix Dactylifera” steamed out of the company’s production lines or pouched under subsidiary brands like “Kimia” are like ticking energy bombs waiting for the first set of teeth to set them off. Noshid dates are some of the most exquisite, sugary, and delicious fruits Iran offers, ready to be exported to any nation worldwide.

Iranian Mazafati Dates (Bam Mazafati)

Iranian Mazafati Dates

We begin the tour with the famous darkened Mazafati dates with their rough peel, dark theme, and fleshy. True, they might not be under the spotlight for their enormous size or unique structure, but when it comes to natural sugar stacks and general consumption, Mazafati dates don’t do anything except impressing everyone. Mazafati dates in Iran are divided into three categories of “Dried Dates,” “Semi-Dried Dates,” and “Fresh Dates,” with each one bringing new features to the table – literally. 

The dried ones are plucked from the palm trees and carefully ran through drying procedures to meet the criteria of withstanding long-hour outdoor exposure. This means that they don’t need to be tucked away in the depths of the fridge to be safely preserved. The water levels in dried Mazafati dates have been vaporized, subsequently turning them into rock-solid hard fruits that can be out of a controlled environment for some time up to a year (and possibly even more) without the consumers having to worry about their state. 

The semi-dry Mazafati dates draw the line between water-less fruits and the fresh ones in perception and usage. How consumers go about taking these dates and putting them out for everybody, it’s entirely up to them and mainly their geographical location. In some regions, due to humidity and other climatic variants, semi-dried dates better serve the buyers’ purposes and can also be preserved at room temperature as long as thoroughly dried ones. In areas with lower reported humidity, they can be readily stocked in a controlled environment like the fridge to extend their lifespan and avoid expiration. 

Fresh Mazafati dates are the ones who want to experience the authentic taste and grander right off the yield without any interruptions. The fresh golden-yellow (almost hazel) dates smell fresh cuts and new soil as they fall into the farmers’ net. The intense and wild taste is not suited for everyone, and only the real date-lovers can bear through even one! 

Piarom Dates (Maryami Dates)

















Piarom Dates Price

The exotic oval-shaped dark-in-skin Iranian Piarom dates, or Maryami Dates as many call them, are fundamentally different from Mazafati dates and share some similarities with Sayer/Stamaran dates. These slender fructose-packed dates even have their own defined taste and skeleton, and it’s nearly impossible to easily peel the rough skin off of them. The distinctive form and unique texture of the Piarom/Maryami dates is the exact reflection of how much stride and sweat have been invested in the cultivation and the farm sites.

If you’re an Iranian or a middle-eastern residence, chances are that you already know your way with such a precious delicacy.

Some take the slender fruit and mix it with milk-heavy yogurts for a healthy yet strong and energetic send-off in the early morning. Some even up the ante by pitting the dates, adding them to boiling eggs, and creating a not-so-beautiful yet mighty oatmeal breakfast for the family. Sometimes, they will even mix it up with a bowl of raw protein-stacked local nuts that is ensured to be gone off the face of the table even quicker.

Sayer Dates (Stamaran Dates)


With only 18% humidity under its crust and natural sugar level picking around 75%, there’s no wonder the well-recognized Persian Sayer Dates (Pitted and Un-Pitted) dedicate so much of the country’s outgoing shipments to itself. People everywhere love the taste, the packaging variety, and the excellent taste of these little yellowish slender fruits. 

These dates are usually harvested in the last-summer in a ceremonial/cultural etiquette performed by the appointed farmers. With so much deliquesce squeezed into such good and favorable dry fruit, there’s no shock in observing such massive rituals. 













Sayer dates are semi-dried ones with excellent storing compatibility and soaring international demand. They can be both forwarded under Noshid dates or other white-labeling agreements.

The list of biggest-importers for any type of Iranian Sayer/Esta’maran dates grows by the minute but in a nutshell, the major western merchants like Canada, New Zealand, the Great Britain, South Africa, and Australia make up a vast portion of Iran’s Sayer/Esta’maran shipping. however, it won’t stay like this for very long.

With so highly in demand, Iran’s foreign sales landscape for 2020-2021 promises yet another blooming year. It’s predicted that in the next 12 months, the price for a tone of the very best Iranian Sayer/Esta’maran date will stop somewhere in-between 350 to 700 dollars.

A Substitute For Unhealthy Food, Industrialized Sugar, and Hormone-heavy Meals

Time has long passed the hour of taking action against unhealthy food producers and greedy sugar-fanatics, which seemingly have no answer to the markets on-the-rise demand for newer, better snacks and meals. A significant shift must happen, and organic soil-harvested Dates are the way to go about this problem. Whether Mazafati, Piarom, or Sayer, the Iranian dates can be an excellent substitute for many life-threatening high-calorie artificial food without shaking the general appetite too strongly. Dates are suitable healthy replacements that, although they change the taste of the recipes they become a part of, still don’t disturb the final flavor, so people begin to question them.


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