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The Deputy Minister of Jihad for Agriculture announced:

EghtesadOnline: Given the role and position of assemblies as the highest decision-making body in cooperatives, documented in Chapter 4 of the Companies Act and Chapter 5 of the Cooperatives Statute, this is undoubtedly an objective example of cooperative development in Iran.

According to Tejarat Online news website, Dr. Hossein Shirzad, while stating this, added: "The Deputy for Development of Cooperatives and Organizations of Rural Cooperatives of Iran in order to monitor the implementation of general and extraordinary assemblies in 1398, for the first time during the organization's activities." The issue of auditing the qualifications of the board of directors and CEOs of the board of directors of unions and cooperatives under the title (Regulation on qualification of candidates for the position of CEO, board of directors and inspectors of unions and cooperatives of rural, agricultural and women's cooperatives) in 10 articles and 18 Compilation note After expert examinations in the relevant committees, it has been approved by the board of directors of the organization and communicated to the provinces for implementation.

Dr. Shirzad pointed out that in order to implement these guidelines with planning and efforts and efforts of development offices, education and auditing, along with the heads of subordinate departments of rural cooperative management of provinces, has been able to coordinate 3100 general and extraordinary meetings of companies and He concluded the unions in 1398 with the high participation of members and said: "The important point in this action is to hold this number of assemblies in 1398 compared to the meetings held during the last ten years is unprecedented and a record as well as comparative with the year." 1397, the number of general and extraordinary general meetings held at the company level The number of unions in the country has been 825, with a growth of 376 percent in 1398 to 3,100 general and extraordinary assemblies.

The Deputy Minister of Jihad for Agriculture further stated: "Accordingly, in 1397, the highest number of meetings was held in Fars province (equal to 54 assemblies) and the lowest in Jiroft and Kahnooj regions (6 assemblies)." This amount for the year 1398 includes the highest number of meetings related to East Azarbaijan province (242 assemblies) and the lowest related to Bushehr province (14 assemblies).


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