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The Deputy Minister of Jihad for Agriculture explained according to statistics:

EghtesadOnline: According to statistics, the Deputy Minister of Jihad for Agriculture explained the duties and prospects of the Office for Organizing Trade Unions and Non-Governmental Organizations in the year of the production leap.

According to Pat, Dr. Hossein Shirzad, following the announcement of the performance and vision of the offices of the Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives of Iran, regarding the naming of this year by the Supreme Leader as "Production Leap", explained about the Office of Organizing Trade Unions and Non-Governmental Organizations: The Office of Organizing Classes and Non-Governmental Organizations in order to institutionalize the organized participation of farmers and villagers in order to defend the rights and interests of trade union and legal employees and their role in the process of sustainable development of agriculture by creating and developing organized structures in the form of guilds. NGOs and guidance, support and supervision Agricultural organizations (agricultural trade union system, agricultural experts, coordination and support of organizations, non-governmental organizations, trade unions and specialized associations, federations) in order to increase productivity and develop human resources working in agriculture and improve the position of producers and operators to It aims to empower and improve the position of producers and exploiters and plays a role in line with the policies of the Ministry of Jihad for agriculture.                                                                                                                               


Regarding the office's five goals, he said: "Provide suitable platforms for institutionalization and creation of non-governmental organizations to defend the rights and trade union interests of agricultural workers, provide appropriate platforms for improving the capacity and efficiency of non-governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations." To play a role, policy and planning of the agricultural sector, to provide suitable platforms for identifying employees and jobs in the agricultural sector by organizing and organizing producers and exploiters and standardizing jobs in the agricultural sector, to provide suitable platforms for participation. Organized People's Volunteer Forces and their membership in Classes and non-governmental organizations and the provision of the necessary conditions for capacity building and empowerment of agricultural experts in agricultural policy can be considered as among the goals considered for this office this year.


The Deputy Minister of Jihad for Agriculture further pointed out the  strategies of this office in 1399 and explained: Creating suitable conditions for the impact of organizations and classes in agricultural policy through communication and interaction with relevant agencies and organizations. Paying attention to the legal status and structure and capillary network of organizations, increasing the bargaining power and realizing the trade union rights of producers and operators by attending the decision-making   authorities by using the legal status of organizations in coordination with relevant organizations and organs. Necessary conditions and grounds for increasing the membership process of human resources working in  provincial and provincial levels and strengthening the network structure of trade unions and systems, and compiling and amending drafts of laws and regulations, instructions and executive regulations required in the field of agricultural organizations and classes according to its legal status. In the above documents and following up on its approval, it is also one of the items that have been considered as a strategy and strategy for this office.              


According to Dr. Shirzad, strengthening and implementing the tools of monitoring and evaluating organizations by formulating executive regulations and instructions according to their legal status and government duties to increase the effectiveness of agricultural organizations in sector development, advertising and information through documentation , Preparing educational texts, teasers, educational and promotional videos in order to acquaint the employees of the agricultural sector with the goals, duties and functions of organizations and classes with the coordination of relevant organizations and organs., Attracting support and belief in senior managers of relevant ministries and organizations Due to the public belief in the effectiveness of popular organizations in   The Agricultural Sector, in coordination with relevant organizations and bodies in order to organize the issuance of licenses and reduce decision-making bodies inside and outside the Ministry in the field of agricultural organizations and organizations, to create the necessary arrangements to increase promotional training programs for provincial agents and members. The board of directors of trade unions and trade unions in order to improve their ability to design and organize the network of trade unions and systems is another strategy of this office this year.



The head of the Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives of Iran emphasized that 10 cases have been considered for this office as the executive policy this year and in this regard, he said: Ministers, organizing   non-governmental organizations and facilitating the process of issuing licenses and registering specialized associations of agricultural products and federations, designing, modeling new partner institutions and creating the necessary conditions to increase the productivity of voluntary people's forces, development, interaction and cooperation Agricultural organizations and classes with the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and other related agencies .   


He went on to explain the preparation, elaboration and clarification of laws, regulations, statutes, instructions and directives of guilds and organizations, efforts to validate the licenses of the agricultural trade union system, the use of legal and legal capacities for Providing financial resources and credit lines for the development of activities in the field of agricultural organizations and guilds, monitoring the proper implementation of the rules and regulations of the agricultural trade union system and holding general assemblies and elections and using legal   capacities to finance and obtain credit lines for activities.  



Dr. Shirzad pointed to 12 programs designed to carry out the tasks of this office and explained: Legalization and necessary measures to strengthen and develop non-governmental   organizations, review and determine appropriate models and methods for organizing organizations. Public and non-governmental in the agricultural sector, empowering local community leaders to engage in organized public participation in agricultural development, providing appropriate strategies for delegating tasks to non-governmental organizations in agriculture and development,   supporting Supervising the activities of public and non-governmental institutions   is one of them.


According to the Deputy Minister of Jihad for Agriculture, planning and development to expand social support such as insurance and social security in agriculture, policy and planning in order to establish, organize  and empower agricultural trade unions, compile, amend and propose Rules, regulations, bylaws, guidelines and standards required by the agricultural trade union system , extending and issuing establishment licenses, supervising the holding Meetings of General Assemblies, Elections, Central Council and General Board of the Trade Union System, Identification, Floor Tabling and standardization of agricultural and natural resources in order to improve the system of registration and issue legal permits   and the establishment of systems of agricultural trade, as pointed out other tasks intended.                                                                                                                         


He further explained about the centralized programs of this office: preparation and compilation of executive instructions for amending the executive regulations of the agricultural union system 13 cases, organizing and forming national product and specialized associations 5 cases,   organizing and forming the Iranian Chamber of Agricultural Guilds, preparing and compiling Book of standardization and coding of jobs in the agricultural sector, preparation and compilation of the book of identification of agricultural organizations, preparation and compilation of the book of rules and regulations of the agricultural guild system, preparation and compilation of the third volume of the book of agricultural guild system, holding briefings with deputies, heads of organizations. Managers and national agents and   Jihad Keshavarzi has 25 items, holding national gatherings, the regions of brokers of organizations and the agricultural union system, 5 cases, and holding meetings of the central council of the agricultural union system, 4 cases have been considered.                                                                                                                                       


He continued: "Education and empowerment of the agricultural trade union system will increase from 34,299 people per day with a growth of 28% to 44,000 people per day, and the membership of the agricultural trade union system in 1398 was 70,950 people, which increased 27% will reach 90,000 this year. The butterfly extension will also increase by 30% from 65,250 last year to 85,000 this year.


According to the Deputy Minister of Jihad for Agriculture, the organization and formation of the city's trade union and the holding of the elections of the city's trade union with a 100% growth in 1399 will create 134 units. Last year, 194 units were supported and equipped by the guild system. This year, 198 units are planned to grow by 2%. The establishment of the secretariat of the city supervision commission last year did not register any case, and with a 100% growth this year, 67 cases will be operational.


Dr. Shirzad further said: the training and empowerment of experts and organizations was recorded last year 2,905 people per day, which will increase by 3% to 3,000 people per day this year. The support and equipment of experts and organizations and the supervision and evaluation of classes and organizations were also zero last year, with a growth of 0.0% this year, 56 and 404 will be operational, respectively. All of the office's operations have grown 62 percent this year compared to last year.
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