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EghtesadOnline: Tehran Province Gas Company (TPGC) has produced the first portable city gate station (a kind of pressure reducing station) in collaboration with Petro Gas Parsa Company, head of the provincial company said.

“The station has the added advantage of being lighter and smaller. It is equipped with shut off valves, can be transported to remote areas and installed swiftly,” Ahmad Darabi was quoted as saying by Energy Today website.

Portable CGS helps stabilize gas supply in regions where fixed CGSs need repairs after being struck by natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, Financial Tribune quoted him as saying.

“Before reaching a local gas utility, natural gas must pass through a CGS to reduce pressure to be deliverable.”

Utilities have gate stations that receive gas from different locations and assorted pipelines. 

CGS stations serve three purposes: 

First, they reduce the pressure in the pipe from transmission levels (400 to 1,400 pound per square inch) to distribution levels at about 250 psi. 

After that an odorant, a distinctive sour scent associated with natural gas, is added to it so that consumers can smell even small quantities of gas. 

And lastly, CGS stations measure the flow rate to determine the amount of gas received by each utility. 

According to the official, Tehran's gas network is being prepared for natural disasters, especially earthquakes.

TPGC is improving Tehran's 11,000 kilometer underground gas network. Replacement of steel pipes with ethylene pipes is underway. Ethylene pipes have higher flexibility and durability.

Approximately 1,600 flanged valves have been inspected and fixed in the period. Plans call for improving the safety of 760,000 pressure valves placed outside buildings.


Iran Tehran Portable Gas Pressure Reducing Station TPGC portable city gate station