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Dr. Hossein Shirzad, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Jihad announced:

EghtesadOnline: So far, about 25 saffron farmers cooperatives in 6 provinces of the country have been established as an agricultural organization.

According to PAT,  Dr. Hossein Shirzad, chairman and CEO of the Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives of Iran, said "The most important role these organizations can play in empowering saffron farmers is to follow the demands of farmers from the public sector and other sectors . And in dealing with other economic sectors of the country,they can  address the problems, obstacles and challenges facing saffron farmers. "


Dr. Shirzad added: "In this context, in order to defend the rights and interests of saffron producers, supporting the supply and production chain and the value of the saffron industry is essential to establish a national union.  This organization can be especially effective in marketing, balancing and regulating the saffron market. "


According to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Jihad: the Union of Saffron  farmers Co-operatives is an organization with an economic and social approach that can, within the framework of its laws and regulations, regulate saffron farmers' cooperatives to achieve their legitimate interests in accordance with the principles of cooperative law. Approved by the year 1971 .


Dr. Shirzad continued: On the other hand, the Union can collaborate and interact with government and non-governmental sectors such as training and transferring the up to date scientific information  to saffron farmers, pursuing easy access of farmers to agricultural inputs, striving for better marketing of saffron crops. , Liaising with the government and influencing saffron policymaking and ultimately Strengthening economic and welfare vigor of saffron farmers  .


In another part of his remarks, Dr. Shirzad added: According to the experiences of other national unions in the field of agriculture and the countryside, the National Union of Saffron Farmers' Co-operatives in Saffron Marketing certainly has a higher degree of interaction and coordination and bargaining power than individual Saffron farmers and Even co-operatives  . And it can help saffron growers to sell their products at a more suitable price.


Shirzad pointed out that in recent years the Rural Cooperative Organization has made a  non-guaranteed  purchase of saffron from farmers that eliminates dealers and intermediaries from the saffron market and said: In general, the purpose of the Rural Cooperative in non-guaranteed  purchase of  agricultural products is to balance, regulate the market and prevent severe fluctuations in agricultural prices and its gradual supply.


In conclusion, shirzad said: National Union and Saffron Co-operative Companies can contribute to balancing and regulating the saffron market with Rural Cooperative Organization and can apply saffron farming  policies and Technical issues, production and operation of this strategic product play an important role in specialized departments, including the Department of Horticulture.


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