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EghtesadOnline: The average number of working hours in Iran per week has decreased from 44:18’ in the year ending March 2014 to 43 hours last year (March 2018-19).

Data provided by the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare’s Statistics and Strategic Data Center show a downtrend in the average number of hours employed people spent working over these years, except in the year ending March 2018. 

This is while the number of employed people has been on the rise during all these years. 

In addition, men worked longer hours than women during the period under review, according to Financial Tribune.

Men worked an average of 46 hours per week in the year ending March 2014 compared with women’s 34:18’ hours per week. 

Last year, men worked an average of 45:18’ per week while women put in 32:42’ hours of work per week. 

Men spent an average of 12:36’ or 28% more hours per week than women at work last year. 

The longest hours of work were registered for those holding a job in the services sector with 45:12’ last year, followed by the industrial sector with 42:30’ and agricultural sector with 37:12’. 

Gender diversity in working hours was an average 32.3% or 12:54’ hours higher in favor of men than women in the agricultural sector; 32.4% or 14:30’ in the industrial sector and 24.1% or 11:24’ in the services sector last year. 

On average, men worked for 39:54’ in the agricultural sector, 44:42’ in the industrial sector and 47:24’ in the services sector last year whereas women put in an average of 27 hours, 30:12’ and 36 hours in the three sectors respectively. 


Iran Downtrend Working Hours