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EghtesadOnline: Iran Airports Company registered 27,487 takeoffs and landings during the seventh month of the current Iranian year (Sept. 23-Oct. 22), which shows a 6% increase compared with the similar month of last year.

Hamidreza Seyyedi, an IAC official, also said more than 3.3 million passengers and 25,211 tons of cargos were transported during the month under review, indicating a 12% and 8% rise in passenger and cargo transport respectively year-on-year, Fars News Agency reported.

The report does not include data on Imam Khomeini International Airport, as the airport failed to submit data to IAC this month and in the previous one due to a change in management.

A comprehensive report, including data from IKIA airport, is expected to follow soon, according to Financial Tribune.

“Passenger transport witnessed a year-on-year growth in Iran’s busy airports during the month. It saw a 10% increase in Tehran’s Mehrabad International Airport, 14% in Mashhad International Airport, 9% in Shiraz International Airport, 6% in Ahvaz International Airport and 7% in Isfahan International Airport,” he said.

Mehrabad International Airport was the busiest airport in the country, registering 9,900 flights, which transported 1.2 million passengers during the period.

Next was Mashhad Int’l Airport with 5,091 landings and takeoffs, and the transport of 768,000 passengers, followed by Shiraz Int’l Airport with 2,321 flights and the transport of 240,000 passengers, Ahvaz Int’l Airport with 1,601 flights and 188,000 passengers and Isfahan Int’l Airport with 1,395 flights and 154,000 passengers.

With regard to cargo transport, Mehrabad Int’l Airport topped the list by transporting 7,735 tons of cargo, followed by Mashhad Int’l Airport with 6,820 tons, Shiraz Int’l Airport with 2,361 tons, Isfahan Int’l Airport with 1,304 tons and Ahvaz Int’l Airport with 1,260 tons.

A total of 25,522 takeoffs and landings were made by domestic flights during the one-month period, transporting more than three million passengers and 21,000 tons of cargo domestically.

Mehrabad Int’l Airport had the highest number of domestic flights in the month, followed by Mashhad Int’l Airport with 4,183 flights and the transport of 633,000 passengers and 5,000 tons of cargo; Shiraz Int’l Airport with 1,978 flights and transport of 203,500 passengers and 1,500 tons of cargo; Ahvaz Int’l Airport with 1,575 flights and transport of 186,000 passengers and 1,219 tons of cargo; and Isfahan Int’l Airport with 1,174 flights and transport of 127,000 passengers and 904 tons of cargo.

On the international front, 1,965 takeoffs and landings were registered, while the airports transported around 238,000 passengers and 4,000 tons cargo during the one-month period.

Mashhad Int’l Airport registered the highest number of international flights during the period with 908 flights and the transport of 135,500 passengers and 2,000 tons of cargo followed by Shiraz Int’l Airport with 343 flights and transport of 37,000 passengers and 833 tons of cargo; Isfahan Int’l Airport with 221 flights and transport of 26,500 passengers and transport of 400 tons of cargo; Tabriz Int’l Airport with 116 flights and transport of 17,000 passengers and 300 tons of cargo; and Kermanshah Int’l Airport with 115 flights and transport of 3,500 passengers and 13 tons of cargo.



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