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EghtesadOnline: Tehran’s Mehrabad International Airport ranked ninth from among 50 leading airports of 26 countries in the Middle East and North Africa in 2018.

A total of 129,292 takeoffs and landings were registered at Mehrabad International Airport in 2018 to make it the ninth busiest in MENA in terms of flight operations, Iran Airports Company reported, citing France’s Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC). 

Takeoffs and landings at Mashhad International Airport reached 63,021 to rank 27th in the MENA region in 2018. 

Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport and Shiraz International Airport were ranked 29th and 38th with 50,352 and 32,348 takeoffs and landings, Financial Tribune reported.

Last year, Kish International Airport operated 23,755 takeoffs and landings to be placed 40th, Ahvaz International Airport operated 21,243 takeoffs and landings to finish at 45th place and Isfahan International Airport operated 20,435 takeoffs and landings to rank 46th among MENA airports.

With 15,170,243 travelers passing through its terminals in 2018, Mehrabad ranked 11th in terms of passenger traffic in the region. 

Mashhad International Airport was ranked 18th with 9,081,402 passengers and Tehran’s IKIA was placed 24th with 7,617,671 passengers. 

Shiraz International Airport ranked 36th with 3,214,293 passengers and Kish International Airport ranked 37th with 2,944,797 passengers in the region. Ahvaz International Airport and Isfahan International Airport stood at 42nd and 47th places among MENA airports with 2,466,298 and 2,178,543 passengers respectively. 

IKIA ranked 16th in terms of cargo operations with 145,425 tons of goods and parcels and Mehrabad was 19th with more than 104,777 tons of cargo operations. 

A total of 87,333 tons of cargo were handled in Mashhad airport, a total of 31,887 tons of cargo in Kish, 31,647 tons of cargo in Shiraz, 20,004 tons of cargo in Isfahan and 19,541 tons of cargos were handled in Ahvaz airports. 

In terms of cargo operations, Mashhad airport ranked 21st, Kish airport 28th, Shiraz airport 29th, Isfahan airport 31st and Ahvaz airport ranked 32nd among MENA airports. 



Iran Airports Company's Q1 Data

Iran Airports Company registered a total of 102,883 takeoffs and landings during the first three months of the current Iranian year (March 21-June 21), which shows an 11% decrease compared with the similar period of last year.

More than 12.6 million passengers and 127,861 tons of cargos were transported during the period, indicating a9% and 7% decline respectively year-on-year, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development's news service reported citing data from IAC.

Mehrabad International Airport was the busiest Iranian airport during the three-month period, with 30,547 takeoffs and landings, registering a 9% decline, while transporting 3.64 million passenger, which is down 7% YOY.

According to the airport’s Director General Mirsaeed Safinia, the airport transported more than 26,000 tons of cargo during the period.

Mashhad International Airport came next with 13,981 takeoffs and landings and the transport of 2.08 million passengers, followed by Imam Khomeini Int’l Airport with 10,829 takeoffs and landings and 1.73 passenger transport.

Other busy airports in the country included Shiraz Int’l Airport, Kish Int’l Airport, Ahvaz Int’l Airport, Isfahan Int’l Airport, Tabriz Int’l Airport, Bandar Abbas Int’l Airport and Abadan Int’l Airport.

On the other hand, Kalaleh Airport in Golestan Province was the least busy airport in Q1 with only two takeoffs and landings and the transport of four passengers.

As the report shows 86,844 takeoffs and landings were made by domestic flights during the three months, down 9% compared with the similar period of last year. More than 10.22 million passengers were transported domestically, indicating a 7% decrease YOY.

Mehrabad Int’l Airport, in view of the above figures, was the busiest in terms of conducting domestic flights, followed by Mashhad Int’l Airport with 11,608 takeoffs and landings and transport of 1.74 million passengers, and Shiraz Int’l Airport with 6,728 takeoffs and landings and transport of 646,575 passengers.

Other busy airports in terms of domestic flights were Kish Int’l Airport, Ahvaz Int’l Airport, Isfahan Int’l Airport, Bandar Abbas Int’l Airport, Tabriz Int’l Airport, Abadan Int’l Airport and Asalouyeh Airport.

On the international front, 16,039 takeoffs and landings were registered, down by 21% YOY. A total of 2.38 million passengers were transported to and from overseas destinations, down 17% compared with the corresponding period of last year.

In this regard, IKIA was the busiest airport with 1,688 takeoffs and landings, down 22% YOY, and transport of 1.73 million passengers down 16% YOY.

Mashhad International Airport was the second busiest airport with 2,373 takeoffs and landings, while it transported a total of 340,743 passengers, followed by Shiraz Int’l Airport with 908 takeoffs and landings and transport of 105,424 passengers.

Iran Airports Company is an arm of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, which manages 54 airports across the country.


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