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EghtesadOnline: The monthly report of Shaparak payments and settlement network indicates 13.3% decline in value of transactions during the third month of the current fiscal year (started March 21) compared to a month earlier.

Shaparak processed 2.19 billion transactions worth 2,390 trillion rials ($19.5 billion) in the month ending on June 21, indicating a monthly hike of 2.48% in terms of volume, Shaparak website reported. 

The figures show a 27.16% and 32.88% growth year-on-year in terms of volume and value respectively.

Factoring out the inflation factor, the company presents data in real terms to help provide timely and authentic information to decision-makers, Financial Tribune reported.

Therefore, the real value of transactions shows a decline of 10.86% compared to the same period last year.  Compared to the previous month, after accounting for inflation, the value of transactions fell  14.06%.

Shaparak offers services via Internet, cellphone and point of sale (POS) devices. Based on the report, the number of transactions via internet fell 1.50% during the month compared to the earlier month and had a market share of 10.20%. 

Mobile transactions registered 3.96% fall in the same month with a market share of 12.14%. POS devices in shops grew 1.47% on a monthly basis to grab a 77.67% share of the market. 

On the whole, the number of instruments for receiving payments registered a 0.47% rise in the month compared to the month before. 

POS terminals topped the list of the most widely-used transaction tools, accounting for 88.03% of total electronic transactions. Internet payment services and mobile payments accounted for 5.80% and 6.18% of transactions.  


Lion’s Share 

According to the report, in terms of services offered by Shaparak, transactions for purchases and services held the lion’s share at 83.02%. Transactions for buying cellphone recharges and checking account balance respectively accounted for 12.12% and 4.86% of the total Shaparak transactions. 

Tehran Province topped the list of provinces with the highest number instruments. During the aforesaid period more than 1.55 million POS devices were in use in the sprawling capital, followed by Khorasan Razavi and Isfahan with 567,163 and 525,902 devices respectively. 

The lowest number of POS devices was in Ilam Province with 54,274 machines. 

Data covers performance of Payment Service Providing companies showing that Beh-Pardakht, a Bank Mellat subsidiary payment firm, owns the largest share of the payment market in both volume and value accounting for 21.20% and 23.94%of the total transactions, respectively. 

Saman Electronic Payment, affiliated to Saman Bank, follows Beh-Pardakht holding 18.28% of the market share in terms of numbers of processed transactions. Asan Pardakht Persian was third accounting for 14.66% of total transactions.


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