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EghtesadOnline: The expansion and construction of new units, especially for improving the quality of heavy oil products such as diesel, are on the agenda of Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery Company, its managing director said.

“The demand in the international markets for clean fuel, the need to reduce the production of heavy fuels with lower added value, improving the quality of products in line with global standards in terms of environmental issues, saving energy and increasing profitability are among the reasons to develop and build new units,” IRNA also quoted Hashem Namvar as saying.

The refinery has already taken measures to help improve the quality of products in compliance with Euro 4 standard.

By launching a diesel hydro-treatment unit last year, the amount of sulfur, nitrogen and aromatic content has been reduced to acceptable levels and allows diesel refining. It will help eliminate harmful environmental effects of sulfur particles in the air, Financial Tribune reported.

The refinery plans to promote environmentally-friendly fuel and improve both the quality and quantity of its products.

“A new plan is aimed at reducing the amount of produced diesel and converting it into lighter products with more added value,” Namvar said.

“By implementing the project, diesel production will fall under 10% and its sulfur content will be less than 1%.”

According to the managing director, the ideal process of refining in an oil refinery is when the maximum amount of feed is converted to valuable oil products with minimum energy consumption and the least amount of waste.

Located in the southern Hormozgan Province, the refinery is one of the largest in the Middle East with a refining capacity of more than 350,000 barrels per day.

The refinery, located off the Persian Gulf, accounts for an estimated 18% of the total petroleum products made in Iran, including liquefied gas, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel and mazut.

The feed for the refinery is heavy crude and gas condensates. The refinery caters largely to domestic demand and exports some of its output.

It produces oil byproducts such as liquid gas, lead-free premium gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, a variety of solvents, diesel, raw materials for grease, fuel oil, bitumen and sulfur.


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