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EghtesadOnline: The latest data released by the Central Bank of Iran indicate that total liquidity crossed 18,828 trillion rials ($144.8 billion) by the end of the last fiscal year (ended March 20, 2019).

The report published on the official website of CBI indicates that the figure reveals a 23.1% growth in the volume of liquidity compared with the data reported for the end of the year before when liquidity stood at 15,299 trillion rials ($117.6 billion). 

The data indicate liquidity growth has gained momentum ing the last month of the fiscal 2018-19. In its report on liquidity for the penultimate month of the previous year (ended Feb. 19), CBI announced that liquidity stood at 18,306 trillion rials ($140 billion), indicating an annual growth of 22.1%. 

Of the total volume of liquidity, the share of money, including physical currency, gold coins and demand deposits, in the banking system was 2,852 trillion rials (21.9$) by the end of the year, registering a 46.5% rise year-on-year, according to Financial Tribune.

Additionally, the value of near money amounted to 15,976 trillion rials ($122 billion), registering a 19.6% growth YOY.

By that time, the total volume of banknotes and coins equaled 547.8 trillion rials, showing a 23.7% hike annually. 



Debts & Assets  

The report noted that total assets held by the banking system, including foreign assets, government and non-government debts, exceeded 43,534 trillion rials ($334.8 billion) during the period under review. 

The banking system owned more than 9,171 trillion rials ($70 billion) in foreign assets, signaling a 25% increase compared with the end of the last fiscal year that ended in March 2018.  

The government sector, including government and state-owned companies, had 3,325 trillion rials ($25 billion) in debt to the banks by March 20, which indicates a 28.6% annual growth. 

The debts of non-government sector to banks reached 13,126 trillion rials ($100.9 billion) during this period, showing a 20.2% hike annually.   

As for the banking sector’s debts to various sectors, the government sector had 915.9 trillion rials ($7 billion) in loans and deposits with the banks, which indicate a 23.4% growth YOY. 

In addition, CBI had debts in foreign exchange loans and credit amounting to 5,918 trillion rials ($45.4 billion), marking a 32.5% increase annually. 



Commercial and Specialized Banks 

The aggregate value of foreign assets held by commercial banks stood at 573.4 trillion rials ($4.4 billion) by March 2019, indicating a 14.3% jump YOY. 

Commercial banks had deposits worth 439.1 trillion rials with CBI to register a 28.6% jump. 

Liabilities of government-affiliated bodies to commercial banks stood at 691 trillion rials ($5.5 billion), up 19.9% annually. 

By March 20, the total debts of commercial banks owed to CBI reached 439.1 trillion rials, which included 410 trillion rials in legal deposit and 28.4 trillion rials in sight deposit. 

While the amount of legal deposits with CBI increased 32.9% during the period under review compared with a year before, sight deposits witnessed a 12.3% decline. 

The total value of foreign assets held by specialized banks reached 1,113 trillion rials ($8.5 billion) by the end of last fiscal year, indicating a 45.2% annual jump. 

By this time, specialized banks had an overall deposit of 138.5 trillion rials with CBI, indicating a 21% rise annually. They held 131.3 trillion rials in legal deposit and 7.2 trillion rials in sight deposit, indicating an annual increase of 21.6% and 10.8% respectively.  

Debts of state sectors to specialized banks reached 584 trillion rials, up 7.2% YOY. This is while the non-government sector’s debts to specialized banks reached 2,732 trillion rials to register a 14.7% increase YOY. 



Non-Government Lenders

Non-government banks and credit institutions held foreign assets to the tune of 4,520 trillion rials ($34.7 billion) by March 2019. This shows the total value of assets owned by non-state lenders rose 39% during the period under review and the corresponding period the previous year. 

These institutions had overall 2,021 trillion rials in deposits with the CBI, indicating 25% hike YOY. They held 1,948 trillion rials in legal deposit and 73 trillion rials in sight deposit, respectively indicating annual growth of 26.2% and 17.9% respectively.  

Debts of state sector to non-government banks and credit institutions reached 2,367 trillion rials, up 15% YOY. This is while the non-government sector’s debts to specialized banks reached 13,126 trillion rials, indicating a 14.7% increase YOY. 

The lenders paid a total of 13,001 trillion rials in loans by March 20, indicating a 20.1% hike compared with a year earlier. 

The loans granted by non-governmental banks and credit institutions accounted for the lion’s share of loans with 8,147 rials followed by specialized banks with 2,727 trillion rials and commercial banks with 2,127 trillion rials.  


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