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EghtesadOnline: Gas recovery rate has risen by 2.2 million cubic meters a day in South Pars Gas Field's Phase 4.

According to Shana, the Oil Ministry's news portal, in order to ensure stable gas supply for the next two years, 20 wells were acidized and perforated in the past three months.

Completion of the major overhaul by Pars Oil and Gas Company has helped increase gas pressure in wellheads by 300 units that will keep the extraction rate from the phase at 28 mcm/d for the next two years.

According to POGC website, the operation was carried out with the help of domestic drilling equipment, vessels and technicians, Financial Tribune reported.

In addition to gas, Phase 4 produces 80,000 barrels of gas condensate per day. Moreover, it produces one million tons of ethane as petrochemical plants feedstock as well as 105,000 tons of liquid gas annually. Daily production of sulphur is 400 tons.

Gas recovery rate depends largely on reservoir storage-seepage conditions and is also influenced by ground surface construction.

Perforating is a process used to establish a flow path between the near reservoir and the wellbore. It normally involves initiating a hole from the wellbore through the casing and any cement sheath into the producing zone.

Acidizing refers to one of two stimulation processes in which acid is injected into the well penetrating the rock pores at pressures below fracture pressure. Acidizing is used to either stimulate a well to improve flow or to remove damage.

South Pars is the world’s largest gas field located on the joint border between Iran and Qatar in the Persian Gulf. It was developed in 24 phases of which 22 are operating and Phase 14 is being completed. Daily gas production on the Iranian side was 285 million cubic meters in 2013 when Qatar produced 566 mcm.

Production in the neighboring Arab emirate has remained unchanged after six years, but Iran is producing 610 mcm of gas.

Six years ago, the number of wells operating in the common South Pars field was 110 in Iran and 401 in Qatar. Iran has increased the number to 252 wells while the Arab neighbor has not done so.

Domestic gas production capacity is over 850 mcm a day. Supplies from South Pars make up nearly two-thirds of the total.


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