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EghtesadOnline: The 25th small-scale power plant in Zanjan Province with distributed generation system has joined the national electricity grid.

With a capacity of 24 megawatts, the facility was built by a private company over 3,000 square meters and cost $11.5 million, the Energy Ministry news portal Paven reported.

With the launch of the plant, total power generation in the region covered by Zanjan Regional Electric Company reached 163.2 MW.

Distributed generation refers to electricity produced in small quantities near the point of use, as alternative or supplement to traditional centralized grid-connected power. It reduces the cost and complexity associated with transmission and distribution, while offsetting peak electricity demand and stabilizing the local grid, according to Financial Tribune.

Northwestern Zanjan Province has a population of over 1.1 million and is a major tourist attraction. It is well known for its beautiful handcraft including knives and traditional footwear.

Zanjan has a highland climate characterized by extremely cold winters and warm summers. Average maximum temperature is around 27 degrees centigrade and average minimum temperature hovers around -19 degrees.

Its industries include bricks, cement and carpets. There also are chromium, lead and copper mines in the province. However, agriculture is the principal source of income with crops like rice, corn, oilseeds, fruits, and potatoes. Poultry, cattle, and sheep are also raised. 



45 MW for Yazd

Five small-scale power plants, with total capacity of 22 MW, are under construction in central Yazd Province, which are planned to come on line in two years.

They include a 8 MW plant in Yazd City, two 5 MW and 3 MW stations in Meybod, a 4 MW plant in Abarkuh and a 2 MW station in Taft.

According to Paven, Yazd Regional Electric Company is also adding 23 MW of solar power to the desert province.

Construction of three photovoltaic power stations are underway in Ardakan County, two will have 10 MW and the other 3 MW.

Power generation in the province by state-owned and private plants has surpassed 2,700 MW, of which 70 MW come from solar farms and stations.

Yazd Province population is 1.13 million, 85% of which live in urban areas. It is one of Iran's known centers for textiles and famous also for factories making ceramics and construction material.

It has huge potential for photovoltaic power with more than 330 sunny days per year. It is situated between the two deserts of Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut, the latter known as one of the hottest places on earth.

Yazd is the driest major city in Iran and also the hottest city north of the Persian Gulf coast, with summer temperatures above 40 degrees centigrade in blazing sunshine with no humidity.

Night temperatures in summer too are rather uncomfortable. In winter the days are mild and sunny, but in the morning the thin air and low cloudiness cause cold temperatures that can sometimes fall well below zero.


Iran Zanjan Yazd Small-Scale Power Plants electricity grid