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EghtesadOnline: An Iranian knowledge-based company has produced 80,000 square meters of titanium-coated decorative and flooring tiles using cutting-edge nanotechnology.

Qazvin Province-based company, named Ceramara, produced over 1,000 different models of titanium-coated tiles and decorative objects using vapor deposition machines. 

According to Farhad Ghaffari, a researcher at the company, the tiles are unique in that they do not gather dust thanks to the titanium nano coating.

“This is also the case with other products that benefit from the nano coatings,” Financial Tribune quoted him as saying.

The titanium particles make the tiles shine and suitable for architectural decoration.

Ghaffari noted that the company is forging ties with foreign countries to increase exports and even establish manufacturing lines overseas.

In line with the company’s plans, representatives from a Russian firm visited Ceramara in 2017 and signed a business contract. Since then, the company has been exporting its products to Russia. 

“Efforts are underway to expand business ties with Russia and also with other countries,” he said. 

According to the company's website,, all the items produced by the manufacturer, including tiles and decorative objects, are certified by Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council.

Iran is recently taking steps for the development of flooring and wall tiles using nanotechnologies.

Nano Pishtaz Pars, a knowledge-based company based in Alborz Province, is also active in the sector and produces antibacterial and antimicrobial flooring tiles.

During the production process, the tiles are treated with antibacterial mineral particles that can curb the spread of bacterial contaminations.

The floorings are permanently resistant to bacteria, germs, dirt and other unhealthy elements, and do not lose their properties even after being washed or scrubbed. These features make the tiles suitable for covering floors in hospitals and health centers. 

With the antibacterial tiles, no chemical disinfectants or antibacterial sprays are needed to sterilize hospital floors.


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