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EghtesadOnline: Iran's trade of mineral products recorded a $5.65 billion surplus in the last fiscal year (ended March 20, 2019).

The country exported 57.7 million tons of mineral products worth $9.22 billion during the period, down 5% and 2% in tonnage and value respectively compared to the year before.

Imports stood at 3.34 million tons worth $3.57 billion, down 41% in tonnage and 34% in value year-on-year, the latest report of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization shows.

IMIDRO's previous report showed that Iran registered $5.05 billion in mineral trade surplus during the 11 months to Feb. 19, according to Financial Tribune.

Mineral exports had a 49% and 21% share in tonnage and value respectively of Iran’s total exports during the 12-month period, while mineral imports had a 12% and 9% share in tonnage and value of Iran’s total imports respectively YOY.



Steel Tops List of Traded Commodities

Semi-finished and finished steel products took the lion’s share of exports in terms of value as 8.9 million tons worth $4.11 billion were shipped overseas, up 3% and 17% YOY in volume and value respectively.

The category of “other mineral products” came second with 9.75 million tons worth $1.35 billion. The volume and value of shipments grew 15% and 9% respectively YOY.

Copper and downstream products were placed third with 365,070 tons worth $917.53 million, down by 52% in tonnage and up by 13% in value YOY.

It was followed by cement with 13.71 million tons valued at $420.25 million, up 3% and down 17% in tonnage and value respectively YOY.

Other exported mineral commodities from Iran during the period were iron ore concentrate with 5.87 million tons worth $380.95 million, stones with 5.87 million tons worth $342.13 million, metals with 207,050 tons worth $318.6 million, iron ore (fines/lumps) with 8.84 million tons worth $258.75 million, zinc with 121,220 million tons worth $255.81 million, iron ore (pellet) with 2.78 million tons worth $201.92 million, aluminum with 92,490 tons worth $178.05 million and lead with 99,030 tons worth $128.01 million.

Mineral exports also included direct-reduced iron with 533,620 tons worth $105.17 million, ferroalloy with 50,440 tons worth $73 million, coal and coke with 425,420 tons worth $72.61 million, chrome with 316,870 tons worth $55.46 million, molybdenum with 3,140 tons worth $32.94 million, pottery and bricks with 85,940 tons worth $11.44 million, antimony with 930 tons worth $1.78 million, titanium with 150 tons worth $0.39 million, mining equipment with 100 tons worth $0.2 million, alumina powder with 220 tons worth $0.16 million and precious metals with 50 tons worth $0.16 million.

As for imports, steel had the largest share among Iran's import of mineral products during the year in terms of value as 1.32 million tons worth $1.28 billion were imported, down 56.7% and 44% in tonnage and value respectively YOY.

The category of "other mineral products" came second with 682,320 tons worth $583.11 million, down 32.1% in volume and 29.9% in value YOY.

Mining equipment was next with 22,750 tons worth $249.66 million, down 40% and 0.3% in tonnage and value respectively YOY.

Other imported commodities included 179,930 tons of ferroalloy worth $233.53 million, 109,300 tons of aluminum worth $217.63 million, 658,360 tons of coal and coke worth $202.23 million, 70,930 tons of metals worth $179.06 million, 312,950 tons of alumina powder worth $176.67 million, 44,860 tons of titanium worth $134.5 million, 37,170 tons of pottery and bricks worth $110.45 million, 15,310 tons of lead worth $42.79 million, 36,790 tons of stone products worth $39.08 million and 46,490 tons of cement worth $34.09 million.

Mineral imports included zinc with 95,870 tons worth $29.18 million, nickel with 1,520 tons worth $24.62 million, copper and downstream products with 1,870 tons worth $17.42 million, chrome with 2,880 tons worth $7.07 million, antimony with 260 tons worth $2.67 million, $1.37 million of precious stones, molybdenum with 70 tons worth $1.14 million, mica with 910 tons worth $0.66 million and DRI with 320 tons worth $0.34 million.

Iran is home to 68 types of minerals with more than 37 billion tons of proven reserves and 57 billion tons of potential reserves. 

According to the United States Geological Survey, Iran holds the world's largest zinc, ninth largest copper, 10th largest iron ore, fifth largest gypsum and barite, and 10th largest uranium reserves.

Overall, Iran is home to more than 7% of global mineral reserves.


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