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EghtesadOnline: If we want to write a list of Persian foods, we will probably need a multi-volume book. However, some of the traditional Persian foods are always among the top of the list of Persian foods.

In this report, we are going to introduce 10 Persian foods from different parts of our dear country, which probably will not be neglected by any lovers of traditional Persian foods.

  1. Tahchin (Persian upside down layered saffron rice)

  2. Tabrizi Meatball


  4. Kabab Tabei

  5. Stuffed fish

  6. Bushehr's Meygo polo (shrimp with rice)

  7. Gheymeh (split peas stew) of Sistan and Balochistan (Dough pay stew)

  8. Khoresht Gheymeh (Persian split peas stew)

  9. Estamboli Polo (rice and tomato) 

  10. Abgoosht





1- Tahchin (Persian upside down layered saffron rice)

All of us are familiar with this saffron and aromatic Persian delicious food that has crispy Tahdig. Tahchin! Tahchin is one of the most popular and common Persian foods, which yogurt, rice, saffron, and eggs are commonly used in making it.

This type of food is accompanied by chicken, meat, eggplant, etc.. In addition, some of the barberries is also used in layers of saffron rice. Apart from the primary and raw ingredients that were mentioned, other ingredients may also be added to this food to make it different from other types of Tahchin. In fact, we are faced with a fairly wide variety of Tahchin. As a result, it's hard for us to choose the most delicious ones.









Tahchin of chicken, meat, meat and eggplant, spinach, fish, etc are among the kinds of Tahchin. However, chicken Tahchin is the most common type of Tahchin. In general, it can be said that Tahchin has two main parts. One part of it is the saffron Tahdig which is seen along with the contents of food such as meat, chicken and ... and the other one is simple white rice that covers the top of Tahchin. Usually in many restaurants and houses, the second part is deleted and you will only encounter saffron rice. Perhaps for that reason, the simple white rice on the Tahchin will seem uncommon and unfamiliar to you.

Due to the presence of eggs and yogurt in the layers of rice, the Tahchin is a relatively heavy food that will easily feed the people. This food is commonly used in Persian parties, because of its decorated appearance and ordered mold, it will make the party more formal and more luxurious. Perhaps it can be admitted that this food is considered to be a type of expensive Persian foods due to its contents!

Regarding the recipe of Tahchin, know that the chef will not face a particular problem; Tahchin is cooked both in the oven and on the flame of the gas. Do not forget, however, that for a good, heartfelt Tahdig, it is necessary to put it on the heat for a long time, to cook well and take its form well.

Tahchin is a nutritious and perfect food in terms of Nutritional science. In the first place, the presence of eggs in this food causes to be rich in terms of vitamin A and D. These two vitamins strengthen the body's defense system. In addition to vitamin b. 12 in eggs can also be a good alternative to those who do not eat a lot of meat.

Since the Tahchin has more fans, it's not bad to know that the chicken breast used in this food contains vitamin B. 3 which has antioxidant activities and helps to regulate blood sugar and energy production.

In relation to the barberry in Tahchin, you should also know that it is a nutrient, anticancer and seizure, and it eliminates vitamin C deficiency. However, it is better not to overuse it; excessive consumption of barberry will lead to hypotension, itching, and nausea.

.In addition, it is advised that people with a history of the kidney stone or bile not to take this food because it will exacerbate their problem. In addition, barberry is considered as a kind of uterine stimulus. This often causes to advise pregnant women to refrain from eating this food.

Since very little oil is used in making Tahchin, it can be considered as one of the healthiest foods and is, of course, proper for those who are overweight or want to reduce their weight. It is recommended to cook it inside the oven to minimize the oil used in Tahchin.

To keep your back covered! In order to have a healthy Tahchin, we must say that it is better to change the yogurt used in Tahchin to a low-fat kind and boil the chicken that you use in the food to enhance its quality.


2- Tabrizi Meatball

Tabrizi meatball is one of the most famous and delicious traditional foods in Iran. As it is clear by the name, this food comes from Tabriz. Of course, meatball (Persian Kofteh) has a variety of different types and it is reminded in the Middle East with different names.

The difference between the types of meatballs is in the recipe they are cooked and the ingredients they are used for. It is better to know that Tabrizi meatball is one of the few foods cooked and served in restaurants, especially in Persian homes and, of course, in many Tabriz kitchens. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the need for skill and, of course, much time and effort and patience to cook this food. The talented and skillful women from Tabriz who are well aware of the tips of cooking the meatball always make it at the best way.

Generally, Tabrizi's meatball contains meat, rice, split peas, eggs, walnuts, dried plum and, of course, aromatic herbs. It can be pointed out to tomato paste and, of course, saffron among the stuffing’s of this food, depending on the taste of the individual, its amount is low and high.

One of the clear features of this traditional food is the use of a variety of aromatic herbs. These herbs are added along with split peas to the minced meat, and during the steps, they form a delicious and popular Tabrizi meatball. In ancient times and traditional methods of cooking Tabrizi meatball, one of the features of this food was that they usually crushed meat in the mortar. But nowadays, they mince the meat several times and then begin to cook Tabrizi meatball.

One of the important tips about Tabrizi meatball is its nutritional value. As previously mentioned, rice is one of the important ingredients used in cooking Tabrizi meatball. Rice can enter a significant amount of carbohydrates into your body.

In addition, the rice and split peas in the meatball can give you the right amount of protein, which means that even if you did not use meat in this food, this protein would also be provided.

Now that it's the talk of split peas, e must say that it is rich in potassium and of course fiber, which is why it is usually recommended to use to prevent constipation, cardiovascular disease and, of course, reduce blood sugar.

In addition, the plum in Tabrizi meatball adds to its nutritional value. Plum/prune has some antioxidants that cause free radicals to disappear in the body. Free radicals cause deposition of fat in the vascular walls of the blood that will cause many heart problems. Other complications of free radicals are damage to the DNA and, consequently, an increase in cancer cells. The fiber in plums can also help reduce glucose uptake, reduce the concentration of blood lipids, increase the number of digestive disposals, and ease the disposal, and, of course, reduce its time.



All of these ingredients, along with aromatic herbs, are used to increase the nutritional value of Tabrizi meatball. For this reason, Tabrizi meatball can be considered as one of the best and most complete traditional Persian foods.

You probably have eaten or experienced that one of the most common problems encountered during the cooking of Tabrizi meatball is to lose its form. Many people have heard the various strategies of this and that and have used them to solve this problem. Now we tell you not to mince the meat so that you do not have this problem, and stir it well, and then follow the other cooking steps.

In addition, the use of a piece of potato in the Tabrizi meatball makes it less likely to lose its form. It is interesting to know that even some people believe that if they do not speak during making bullet Tabrizi meatball, then the mouth of meatball does not open or lose its form when cooking!

It should be said that along with this very nutritious and, of course, delicious food, fresh Sangak and herbs cannot be missed!



3- Gheymeh nesar

Gheymeh Nesar is one of the Persian foods that is traditionally cooked in Qazvin. It has a lot of ingredients that have become a type of delicious and popular Persian foods. Occasionally, this food is called in the folk dialect Gheymeh Nesa, which has been mistakenly used.

In general, it can be said that Gheymeh means the stew to be made with crushed meat. Nesar also means that which is given to guests at weddings and parties. Perhaps the reason for choosing the name of the food is that in the past it usually was considered as aristocratic foods because of its contents, and served on weddings with a variety of herbs.

Many people consider this food as something like Zereshk Polo

(Rice with Barberry), but the difference between them is high and the ingredients in the food are more. Gheymeh Nesar is generally cooked with rice, meat, almonds, pistachios slices, and fried onion. Of course, in many recipes, the use of orange peel, carrots, and other ingredients has been also mentioned. In the city of Qazvin, there are some spices that are specially prepared and added to the food to have wonderful taste.

Gheymeh nesar has much nutrition value. The rice is rich in carbohydrates. In addition, if you take rice with its bran, the potassium in it can also effective in blood pressure control. If you are planning to use rice with the barn in your food, you should have it the promise that this food will increase your bowel movement, which will reduce the risk of colon cancer.


As mentioned, one of the main contents of this food is almond and pistachio slices. It is usually advised to soak them in water for one hour so that they can be well soaked in order to maintain the nutritional value of these ingredients. This method helps to maintain the fatty acids present in these nuts. It should be added that pistachios present in this food can be very useful for people with osteoporosis due to their high calcium content. In addition, you can recommend eating this food to people who are at high risk for heart disease.

It's interesting to know that the calcium in the almond used in Gheymeh nesar is twice as much as pistachios! In addition, the protein and vitamin D in it should not be ignored. So the presence of these nuts in this food can make its nutritional value somewhat clear to you. It is usually recommended to use hazelnuts slices instead of almonds if you have anemia. Adding tomato paste to it can also help you to absorb iron in this food

In addition, we recommend that you use a grilled chicken breast instead of veal if you have high blood fat and reduce the amount of nuts present in this food and increase the amount of orange peel and carrot slices.


4- Kabab Tabei

Kabab Tabei is a simple and easy Persian food that has its own lovers in many Iranian homes. It's possible that you have heard this food, along with the names of Kabab Digi or Boshghabi Kabab, which show different ways to cook this food.

Iranians usually are interested in the kinds of kabab. But they may be less likely to make it due to the difficulty of cooking them, especially in modern apartments. One of the positive points of Kabab Tabei is that, unlike the idea that comes from the name of the kebab, it can be easily made at home and in different conditions. In addition, one of the prominent features that make Kabab Tabei popular is that it requires very little time to cook. This food is prepared in about 20-30 minutes.

Kabab Tabei is a kind of food, which in general includes the ingredients contains, minced mutton, onions, tomatoes, salt and, of course, sumac. In different ways, egg, bread, sweet pepper, yogurt, and so on are used to make this food.

Kabab Tabei has two parts, which includes grilled meat and fried tomatoes. In many ways to cook this food, fried tomatoes are sliced, and put them along with Kabab, and cook them separately. But in other ways, they grate tomatoes, pour it on the frying kabab, and bring it with sweet peppers and some other ingredients. This method allows the taste of meat to penetrate into these ingredients and make the food much more delicious.

The use of sumac in the preparation of Kabab Tabei is also done in two different ways. Some pour Sumac at the time of frying on the pan on it while frying Kabab. This makes the sumac flavor fully penetrates into the meat and make it more delicious. Some others prefer to pour sumac on rice or Kabab themselves after cooking and serving it. However, it is almost impossible to separate the sumac from Kabab Tabei. The presence of Sumac along with meat foods makes them easier and quicker to digest.

Additionally, in traditional medicine, it is usually advised not to use yogurt and sour milk and foods like these along with meat foods, such as Kabab Tabei ; the combination of these ingredients, in addition to eliminating the properties of the meat, causes the meat to degrade in the body. It should be noted that it is usually advised not to thicken the minced meat in the pan so that it becomes tight.

Along with this, the thin thickness of this meat can also reduce the quality of Kabab Tabei. For better cooking this food, it is better to put the lid of the pan at the time of cooking so that your meat is completely cooked.

The nutritional value of Kabab Tabei is not low at all low. In short, the minced meat can be enough in the food. Minced meat contains many proteins. If you use mutton and beef that is fat-free, you will help absorb protein in the body. This food has the amount of mineral in each other that helps to increase testosterone production.


5- Stuffed fish

Fish is the most popular and used seafood, which, given the breadth of the variety and, of course, the way of cooking it can satisfy different taste of people. Meanwhile, stuffed fish, which is one of the most popular Persian foods in the northern part and south of the country, has also high variability.

One of the features of cooking the stuffed fish is that it can be cooked in the oven or on the cooker. In addition, this food can be eaten both with Sabzi polo (rice with herbs) and with a simple white rice.

Stuffed fish is one of the most powerful foods. In the first place, this is a fish that has very good nutritional properties. Fish properties are undeniable and cannot be neglected. Fish is rich in nutrients like protein and vitamin D, and it can also be considered the best and most complete source for omega-3 fatty acids. Each of the different types of fish has its own unique features.

In the meantime, fatty fish such as salmon, Sea trout, sardines and ... are among the healthiest species of fish. For this reason, we recommend that you take this fish to make stuffed fish. Fatty fish have high levels of omega-3, and this improves the body's and brain's proper function.

One of the important characteristics of fish is the reduction of the risk of heart attacks. In addition, the consumption of fish throughout the growth of children can be vital and important. The consumption of fish increases the gray cells in the brain and reduces the risk of dementia during the old age. However, how much we talk about the fish's properties, it is low and it will still remain to say.


For making the stuffed fish, various methods are usually used, in which a variety of ingredients are used. However, in general, the ingredients used to cook stuffed fish include onions, pomegranate sauce, aromatic herbs, garlic, butter, walnuts, saffron, and so on. You can increase the amount of these ingredients according to your taste. For example, if you are overweight, you can minimize the amount of butter and oil used in this food.


If you have constipation, you can cook your stuffed fish with steamed ingredients like carrots and mushrooms, and instead of rice, cook it with bread with barn. This will help increase your fiber intake and improve the function of your digestive system. If you have heart disease, use olive oil instead of butter to cook the stuffed fish and eat your food with steamed broccoli. By doing this, the antioxidants in these ingredients will help to improve your illness.

It should also be noted that the pomegranate paste used in most types of stuffed fish has many properties for slimming. Many nutritionists believe that taking pomegranate sauce can be useful for weight loss and body fat, especially around the abdomen.



6- Meygo Polo Bushehri (Shrimp with rice)

Meygo Polo Bushehri is one of the best Persian kinds of seafood and, as its name shows, is related to the southern part of Iran. In the past, this food was special to the south of the country, but according to the fact that the consumption of shrimp throughout the country has become common, this kind of food has become pervasive.

It can be said that this is one of the most affordable foods; we use shrimp that has a reasonable price. For this reason, it is possible to listen to the advice of doctors on the use of seafood at a fairly low price and proper cost.

Because of its high amounts of omega-3, shrimp can prevent Alzheimer and sensory impairment in aging and also control blood pressure to some extent. Shrimp can also provide some of the iron needed for your body. It's not bad to mention that in shrimp there is a substance called selenium that reduces the risk of colon cancer and leukemia in individuals.

Due to the small size of shrimp used in Meygo polo, we recommend that you care about cleaning them and clean all the waste they contain. There are different recipes for cooking Bushehri Meygo polo , which are somewhat similar to each other. The ingredients required to cook this food include shrimp, rice, onions, garlic, coriander, tomato paste, saffron, and ...... We must also say that in some kinds of shrimp, which are completely Persian, potatoes cut in dices and raisin can be found.

Since calories of this food are somewhat high and is considered to be among heavy foods, it is recommended to eat it for lunch. This food is usually served with pickles that are spicy. As a drink, you can use homemade syrup. Of course, most South people eat this food with a kind of beverage called Zinetto, which is berry juice like mulberry.


Observing some tips can help to cook Meygo polo better. For example, it is better not to use large shrimp to prepare this food. In addition, do not forget the spices of this food, including turmeric, red pepper, and lemon powder. Many people use these spices or garlic and onions to overcome the smell of a shrimp that should not be ignored.

If you have cholesterol, you can use olive oil to cook this food, and fry the raw ingredients well for one to two minutes. Along with this, it is recommended that you use celery water along with Meygo Polo. To cope with constipation, it is also better to use brown rice and increase your fiber. You can also use fresh herbs and, of course, lettuce with food to relieve constipation.


7- Sistan and Balochistan Gheymeh (Dough Pay)

You may think at first glance that this is the same food as Ghymeh, and it does not have difference with it. Then you are completely wrong! Dough Pay or Dough Pee stew is one of the famous foods of Sistan and Baluchistan, due to its appearance; many people mistake it with Gheymeh.

This traditional Persian food is very tasty and, of course, nearlly sour, and as soon as you eat it, you will notify its different and new taste. The restaurants have not yet become enough skillful to add this delicious food to their menu. So, to eat this food, it's better to go to Sistan and Balochistan houses and tasteful ladies of this region.

One of the most important differences of this food with other similar foods is the use of dough in the middle stages of cooking. The cooking method of dough Pay is almost the same as the Gheymeh, and the main difference with it is the dough! So in general, it can be said that the ingredients of this food include beef, split peas, onion, spice, saffron, dough, dried lemon, and ......

Dough Pay stew can be used with plain and white rice like Gheymeh, and saffron is used to decorate rice. In general, this stew does not have a special decoration. Dough Pay stew in Sistan and Baluchistan is served in a relatively traditional way with relatively overcooked rice.

Sistan and Baluchistan people also use salads and herbs along with this food. To improve the taste of this food, grated tomato can be used instead of tomato paste. If you have used dough that is sour in this food, we suggest you do not pour dried lemons in the food. In addition, if your dough is not homogeneous, it's better to stir it well before using it, so that it does not lose its form while cooking.


If you decide to use the homemade dough in your food, we recommend you pour it in the mixer several times, then place it on heat and stir until it fully boils. Now you can safely add your dough. You should, of course, know that you can reduce the amount of dough used in your food and increase the amount of water, depending on your taste.

If you have anemia, the meat used in this food can be one of the most important sources of iron for you. If you eat this food with citrus like orange, you will attract more iron. In addition, we recommend that at the time of serving this food, along with herb use carrots, colored sweet peppers, and so on to increase the intake of iron in your body. Finally, it should be said that if your blood pressure is high, it is better to reduce the amount of salt in the food and do not use tomato paste.



8- Khoresht Gheymeh

One of the most popular Persian stews is Gheymeh stew. This stew, which is mostly used as a vowel in Ramadan, has many fans in Iran. Click on the link below to observe the recipe of making Gheymeh stew on the Epersian Food site.

Khoresht Gheymeh





9- Estamboli polo (rice with tomato)

Another delicious Persian food is Estamboli polo . On the Epersian Food you can see photos and videos related to the recipe of Estanboli polo.


10- Abgoosht (gravy)

Perhaps the most authentic and traditional Persian food can be called Abgoosht  or Dizy. Making the gravy requires a lot of skill. In addition to the techniques used to make gravy, you also need to learn to eat this food. For more information about this food, you can visit the Epersian Food.


Source: The Most Delicious Persian Foods in any City of Iran


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