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EghtesadOnline: Local private auditing firm Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Company has signed a deal with the Barcelona-based engineering firm Applus+ IDIADA. The agreement is to assist the Iranian company in upgrading its car testing facilities.

Through a statement on ISQI's website, the local firm's chief, Ashkan Golpaigani, broke the news on Wednesday, detailing negotiations with the multinational company which culminated in the agreement.

Applus+ IDIADA is a multinational company providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services to the automotive industries. The company conducts operations in 23 countries across the globe. ISQI is a private company that conducts monthly quality and safety tests on behalf of Iran's Ministry of Industries.

The Barcelona-based firm is one of the European Union's seven major vehicle testing centers, administering Euro NCAP evaluations with 20% of the company's share belonging to the Spanish government and 80% to Applus services, a world-renowned company offering testing, inspection and certification services, according to Financial Tribune.

Golpaigani says the negotiations have been conducted with the steady support of the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) with the aim of promoting the country's automotive standards and enhancing inspection centers in accord with the latest European trends.

The first phase of the agreement is devoted to training programs for car distributors and relevant institutions on the latest globally acclaimed standards and automotive regulations. 

ISQI head continued, "The terms of the agreement stipulate that Iran and Spain will collaborate on carrying out car safety and quality tests."

He further noted that some tests will be run by Applus+ IDIADA on behalf of ISQI outside the country. Furthermore, through the collaborations, the two will issue E-mark certificates and Conformity of Production licenses to automakers.

The E-mark is a United Nations stamp for approved vehicles and components sold into the EU and some other countries under United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Regulation 10. In addition to the EU countries, the E-mark licenses ease exports of vehicles and parts to other destinations.

The CoP is a means of verifying the ability to produce a series of products that exactly match the specification, performance and marking requirements outlined in the type-approval documentation. 

>Positive Approach 

Golpaigani pointed to the Applus+ IDIADA's positive approach toward business with Iran as opposed to several European firms' underhand move to leave Iran despite contractual obligations.

Since the hawkish US President Donald Trump reneged on the historic 2015 nuclear deal in May, several companies have decided to withdraw from Iran's market in fear of repercussions for their businesses. 

The ISQI chief maintained, "In days when newsfeeds are full with reports of European companies leaving Iran, the ISQI has signed a contract with Spain's major automotive evaluation and testing firm."

Another company active in the sector operating in Iran is the French Bureau Veritas.  The firm, one of the largest French inspection and testing companies, offers E-mark certificates and issues Conformity of Production licenses to local automakers.


Iran Auto Testing Applus+ IDIADA car testing facilities