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EghtesadOnline: Iran’s major carmaker SAIPA has completed the third phase of a scheme which aims to help mitigate the depletion of underground water resources.

The plan allows the company to use 1,400 cubic meters of refined industrial wastewater each day in the manufacturing process, according to SAIPA’s deputy for production Masoud Lolo. 

Utilizing industrial wastewater processed in the company’s treatment station, the company is concurrently conserving water and trimming car production expenses, reported SAIPA News.

Lolo says in spite of the 25% rise in SAIPA’s total output, the firm’s groundwater usage in the year which ended in March has been reduced by 6% and the share of wastewater used for each unit has jumped by 47% compared to the year before, according to Financial Tribune.

 Social Duty 

SAIPA sees the measure as move toward fulfilling their social responsibility by preserving underground water and protecting the environment, as well as cutting expenses.

Currently, each vehicle requires 2.7 cubic meters of industrial water and four cubic meters of water extracted from underground resources. SAIPA now uses 1.06 cubic meters of refined industrial wastewater for each car manufactured.

Water conservation is becoming an increasingly important issue in sustainable vehicle manufacturing. There are many ways makers can conserve water in their operations.

The measures include improving energy efficiency of operations; installing flow restrictions on water supply lines; dry sweeping all areas before hosing and fixing leaks, on the lower end of the cost spectrum.

At the other end of the spectrum, a vehicle manufacturer could reuse water from various stages, treat site wastewater and recycle internally and install rainwater tanks.

An instance of a car manufacturer proactive in water conservation efforts is Ford. The firm launched the Global Water Management Initiative in 2000.

In ten years from that date, Ford had reduced its global water use by 62% (39.7 million cubic meters), according to an article published on Automotive World’s website.


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