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EghtesadOnline: Russia’s company Technoros, specializing in the development of ore quality control systems, will supply its technologies and ore pretreatment equipment to Iran, the firm’s general director said.

Igor Katser also told Sputnik new agency, “Our system allows you to quickly and efficiently sort out ores of different composition into enriched ones and ‘empty’. The equipment automatically distinguishes [chemical] elements—from 20th to 92nd in the Mendeleev periodic table (from calcium to uranium). There is no such technology in Iran.”

Katser pointed out that during his recent 10-day trip to Iran, he and his colleagues met with the representatives of 10 Iranian companies and held a presentation of Technoros’ ore management system.

He underscored that during its first trip to Iran, the Technoros leadership managed to take significant steps while promoting the Russian non-resource export product, according to Financial Tribune.

“During the meeting [in Iran], our company signed a memorandum of cooperation to supply our equipment, crude ore management systems [to the country]. One system costs $10,000. Having obtained all the necessary information from our partners, we can produce and implement such a sorting system within five months,” the Technoros director said.

The company expects that by December 31, it will have started working on the project within the framework of the signed protocol and sign the first contracts with Iranian companies.

Katser stressed that Technoros’ equipment and systems have been successfully implemented in more than 46 enterprises in Russia.

The director of the company pointed out that Technoros is planning to go even further and is considering the creation of a special research center together with Iran.

“After the meeting, we proposed to the Iranians to establish a technology research center in Tehran,” he said.

“It would be possible to bring there small samples of ore and visually check the efficiency of our equipment. It would help bolster mutual trust and it will be much easier for specific Iranian companies to make a decision to purchase the systems.”

According to Katser, Iran needs such technologies since it has limited ore deposits with small reserves of useful components.

Technoros’ mobile sorting complexes could help Iran cope with this problem.

Katser explained that by acquiring Russian innovative systems, Iranians could achieve the desired results within six or 12 months, separating enriched ore from empty ore. He specified that Iran is mostly involved in extracting chromium and manganese ores, as well as zinc and copper.

In an interview with Sputnik, Vasily Morgun, the director of the FBU “Krasnoyarsk CSM,” which works on the commercialization of Technoros’ projects, emphasized the scientific importance of the Russian innovative system.

“Technoros demonstrates high activity in the sphere of innovative [technologies],” Morgun said. “The ore control system has become one of the basic technological developments of the Siberian Federal University’s Scientific Center, built by Norilsk Nickel [a Russian nickel and palladium mining and smelting company]. The Norilsk Nickel company regards [the innovation] as promising for the development of its technologies.”

Russia and Iran have a long record of collaboration. In November 2017, Iranian Economy Minister Masoud Karbasian said trade volume between the Islamic Republic and Russia has grown by 70% over the past year.

The two countries are boosting economic and strategic partnership in many fields, including energy, infrastructure development and military aid.


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