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EghtesadOnline: Explorations have led to discovery of walls belonging to the Achaemenid era in the southern province of Fars.

According to the Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT), the walls extend for over 20 kms in Mashhad-e Morghab town.

A number of other historical places have also been discovered, the institute reported.

'Some 300 graves belonging to the historical era, study of water structures of the Achaemenid era, identification of remains dating back to the Mesolithic and Neolithic eras and settlement areas, discovery of historical stone mines, etc. have also been discovered,' RICHT said.

According to IRNA, the public relations office of RICHT quoted head of the archeological exploration team in Mashhad-e Morghab District in the city of Khorrambid Hamid Reza Karami as saying in addition to Kamin and Sarpiran plains, Morghab plain too has connection with Pasargad in natural and geographical terms.
“These areas can be considered the most important places where people have always paid attention to in different periods and had been studied in the course of the activities of Pasargad world heritage site,' he added.

The archaeologist said that with regard to the comprehensive objectives that are followed in the archeology programs of the site, the field study of the intended area of the archaeology group of Pasargad world heritage site is underway with the cooperation of skilled professionals and experts.

According to him, in this project that includes all the areas in this region, the research team by surveying the details of the identified works and with the macro purpose which contains the appropriate reference for the research study activities, embarks on the survey, analysis and completion of the studies and their documentation.

Karami further remarked that so far, from the Achaemenid city of Pasargad only the parts belonging to the governing purposes have been discovered which had been dealt with in the past, adding that less information is available on the government infrastructures and the life of ordinary people about the royal parts.

The head of the archeological exploration in Mashhad-e Morghab said dispersion of the Achaemenid works such as dams, canals and mines has direct connection with the city of Pasargad, the expanse of which ranges from Chamian (Shahidabad) in the city of Khorrambid to Sivand Valley in the south of Pasargad and Kamin plain.

Stressing that in the area under study definitely more important works exist from this period and the periods before and after it and so far parts of the works have been identified in the historical cultural area such as the Achaemenid wall with more than 20 km long.

He pointed to Tang-e Bolaghi and the southern mountains of Sarpiran, nearly 300 graves dating back to the historical era, water structures of the Achaemenid era, including several dams and close to 80 km of irrigation canals in Tang-e Hana region, Qaderabad Alafi, Pakouh Pasargad, Sarpiran and Kamin plains as other identified cases in this project.

Karami noted that identification of works from the Mesolithic and Neolithic eras and settlement zones dating back to the pre-history, historical and Islamic eras as well as discovery of historical stone mines in connection with the premises of Pasargad are only part of the works and cultural landmarks that have so far been identified during the research works.

Head of the archeological team of Mashhad-e Morghab district said that with regard to the expansion of the area under study it is predicted that the program will continue up to the end of this winter.

Saying that the city of Pasargad and Mashhad-e Morghab District is located in the north of Fars Province and in a mountainous region, he noted that the area contains several plains situated between the mountains which are connected with each other through some valleys and mountain straits and the average height of the area is 1850 m above the sea level.

Archeological exploration in Mashhad-e Morghab District in the city of Khorrambid, Fars Province, is underway with a permit from the head of the Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism.

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