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EghtesadOnline: Managing Director of the Farabi Cinema Foundation (FCF) Ali Tabesh in a message on Monday congratulated Oscar-winning Director Asghar Farhadi for grabbing an Academy Award for The Salesman.

Established in 1983, the FCF is the major organization involved in domestic film industry and the main representative of the Iranian Cinema abroad.

Tabesh described the distinguished moviemaker as a “shiny star at the sky of art.”

According to IRNA, Farhadi had won his first Oscar in 2012 for 'A Separation.'

The full text of the FCF director's message to Farhadi follows:

In the Name of the Lord of Beauties

Yet another prideful moment ornaments the history of this country.

Asghar Farhadi, just like all the elite figures of this sacred land, ignorant of all the awards and honors gained for his country, will forever be in the heart of all his countrymen. 

Patriotism based on humanitarian beliefs and ideas makes these elite people, such as Asghar Farhadi, a shiny star on the sky of art, which no aggressive and oppressive policy is able to diminish.

What makes people like him memorable throughout different ages and eras is not the number of the honorable awards and diplomas they have gained for their country and people, even though it is a joyous and glorious moment for all. It is his prudence, wisdom, virtue, dignity, and national, international view that makes him look beyond humans’ colors and races, and respects each and every one of them.

Dear Asghar Farhadi, we pray to the Lord for your constant success and everlasting exaltation. We hope that your flag against the racist impurity and ugliness never falls down.

Stay and make films so the humanity can survive.'

More in his message Tabesh said The Salesman was elected among four other rivals to represent Iran at the 89th Academy Awards.

'Asghar Farhadi’s film was chosen to be presented to the Academy of Cinematography Arts and Sciences in August 2016. After considerable discussions and complementary reviews regarding the 5 final nominees being named on the second short list, with the highest number of votes, Farabi Cinema Foundation and the presentation committee selected “The Salesman” to be our representative at this year’s Oscars Award for the Best Foreign Language category.

The Iran Organization of Cinema, Farabi, and Khane-e-Cinema, in a coordinated and harmonious attempt, arranged for all the presentation and introduction sessions. They hoped that the selected film, with the support of all the influential cultural institutes and organizations, could manifest the cinematic capacities of Iran cinema at the biggest competition ceremony in the world.

For almost 22 years, the novel Iran cinema has made the introduction and presentation of a representative to the Academy of Cinematography Arts and Sciences as one of its duties and priorities, out of which has gained 2 nomination and 2 awards. This cinema, now, has a special and considerable place among the Oscar award claimants for the Foreign Language category, and with the support of this background, it has been able to make a remarkable improvement and development in the commercial and industrial distribution of Iranian films.'

The Salesman Asghar Farhadi Iran cinema Oscar Academy Awards Oscar 2017 Farabi Cinema Foundation Ali Tabesh