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EghtesadOnline: The first season of archaeological explorations is underway in the historical site of Jondi Shapour, one of the four important cities in the Sassanid era, the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) eported.

RICHT Public Relations Office quoted Head of the first season of archeological explorations in Jondi Shapour Yussof Moradi as saying that the purpose of the explorations is identification of the structure of the city and its constituent elements.

“During this season of explorations, remains of a residential house belonging to the first centuries of Islam were identified which had been built from brick and stone,” he said.

“Jondi Shapour had been one of the four important cities in the Sassanid era in Khuzestan which had most probably been built in the early Sassanid period,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

“The city in the Sassanid era and the first centuries of Islam had been one of the most important political centers (such as Iran’s battle with Rome, the Mani Movement, the Anushzad uprising, conquest of the city by the Muslims), social-cultural developments (such as settlement of the Roman prisoners of war, existence of different racial, linguistic, and religious elements, establishment of scientific centers such as the Jondi Shapour University) and economic (such as development of industry and trade especially textile weaving and agricultural like cultivation of sugar cane and rice),” he said.

The historical city of Jondi Shapour (Gondi Shapour) is located in south of the present Islamabad village, 5 km southeast of Dezful, on the Dezful-Shushtar route.

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