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EghtesadOnline: The newly-ended talks of the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif with the senior officials of Georgia including the country’s president, parliament speaker, prime minister, foreign minister and economy minister prepared the ground for promotion of all-out ties between the two states but, for some quite clear reasons, it was also targeted by a purposeful attempt which was finally aborted.

The Iranian foreign minister’s mid-April visit to Georgia which took place within the framework of his Asian tour to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, had great achievements for development of Tehran-Tbilisi relations. 

Promotion of the two countries relations is expected to be pursued during Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili visit to Iran (which began on Saturday), IRNA reported.

Promotion of Iran’s position at the international scene to the level that deserves the Iranian nation has been the motto of the 'Government of Hope and Prudence' of President Hassan Rouhani from the beginning of his term in 2013.

His government has succeeded to achieve its goal and paved the way for progress and welfare of the Iranians by adopting moderate and expedient policies in a volatile region where extremists have joined hands to ruin it. 

In recent years, the number of Iranian tourists visiting Georgia experienced a growth of 438 percent. It has made new opportunities for the Iranian nationals to become familiar with the people of the ancient land of Georgia who are deeply interested in Iran and its culture.

In the way forward familiarization of the two countries’ people and development of two states’ relations, adjusting Georgia security rules with the Iranian and Islamic norms has been one of the major issues considered by the officials of the two countries.

Georgia security rules became compatible with the Iranian-Islamic norms due to the long history of bilateral and cultural relations between the two countries and through diplomatic cooperation. 

Accordingly, the security checks for the Iranian women heading to Georgia are being made in due respect to the Islamic values.

In certain cases where doubtfully the Islamic values have not been respected greatly, the Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili, has personally ordered pursuing and investigating the case.

However, on the eve of the visit to Georgia by Foreign Minister Zarif which aimed at strengthening bilateral political and economic relations, there were some people who sought to take advantage of such rare and doubtful cases by exaggerating them to serve their own interests. 
They should know that the government is not manipulating the honor and prestige of the Iranian citizens for the purpose of a certain political faction and considers protecting the Iranians dignity as its main duty.

The Georgian officials were hospitable to the Iranian foreign minister at the highest level during his recent travel to Tbilisi and the Georgian prime minister arrived in Iran Saturday to confer boost of two countries’ bilateral ties. These are recognized as successful examples of powerful diplomacy and dialogue in the world of politics done by the incumbent government of Iran after its diplomatic success to ink the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (PCPOA) at the international scene.

Exaggerating suspicious cases (about disrespecting Iranian women upon their arrival in Georgia), which have not been supported yet by any evidence, would only annoy the public opinion while it is a time to congratulate Iran’s diplomatic establishment for successes it has made for broadening Tehran-Tbilisi relations.

Although we are on the eve of the presidential elections, it is not fair to disappoint people and ignore the government achievements for rivalry and electoral purposes.

During the presidential elections campaign, the eyes look for dysfunctions but according to basic moral values, the officials should avoid saying something that is not supported by any evidence.

In fact, Georgia is a safe destination for the Iranian tourists and according to the Georgian foreign minister, “Iran’s rich culture has deep influence in Georgia and the Georgian people have high respect for Iran and the Iranians.”

The respect, the two nations feel for each other is the outcome of many years of efforts. 

Spreading rumors and not thinking about their validity may make the narrator famous for a while but compensating the damages it may cause upon the trust between nations will not be an easy job.

Those in charge of Iran’s diplomacy in Georgia will do their best to eliminate all root causes and grounds for formation of baseless rumors and in the meantime, they ensure the dear people of Iran that protecting Iranians’ honor and prestige is the fundamental duty of the Iranian government and cannot be overshadowed by any political inclination or interest.

Mohammad Javad Zarif Iran-Georgia ties