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EghtesadOnline: Iran was recommending to its neighbors to review their previous policies that had no advantage but devastation and insecurity for them and region, Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in his interview with ISNA.

“We believe that diplomats will choose the right way after tried the wrong ways. Some of our neighbors have tried all the wrong ways enough. Maybe the time has come that they choose and try the right way,” ISNA quoted him as saying.

“The letter from Emir of Kuwait that delivered to Iranian president Hassan Rouhani by Kuwaiti foreign minister was written on behalf of all the Arabian countries of the Persian Gulf and showed that Saudi to all appearance agreed with the message’s content but in political behavior of Saudi authorities we do not see a positive behavior,” the high diplomat added.

“Their politics and stances just foment tensions in the region, rather than use the current conditions for dialogue and interaction. Unfortunately, some of the regional countries held out some hope of the previous negative atmosphere and pressures and when we reached a nuclear deal and the pressures have been removed, they do all the best to revive the previous atmosphere!”

“Our neighbors will soon come to a result that pressure against Iran will not be efficient. Iran wants to cooperate and negotiate with regional countries. But some of our neighbors have illusions and think that there is a possibility of reviving past domination in this region,” Zarif insisted.

“Actually the modern era and international environment don’t tolerate the domination and anybody who follows the path is wrong. Between Iran and Saudi there is no need for a mediator because the problem is Saudi’s policies for fomenting tensions,” he said.

Referring to trilateral cooperation between Iran, Turkey, and Russia over solving the Syrian crisis, Zarif said: “this cooperation has been successful and reduced conflicts in Syria. As long as the trend is successful we insist on its continuation”.

Mohammad Javad Zarif Iran-Saudi relationship