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EghtesadOnline: Adviser to the Head of the State Management and Planning Organization Iraj Nadimi said on Sunday that Iran’s return to the international debt markets due to removal of certain sanctions is “very positive and constructive” for the country and economy.

In an interview with IRNA, Nadimi commented on Iran’s return to the markets after 14 years and its consequences and said, “Today’s world is the world of accession and union and isolation and lonely life is impossible in it.”

He added that economy is a social issue and the world is a single society. Today, the Internet, computer, web and online services have provided stronger bonds.

Presence in today’s world with more contemplation will be more influential, said the economist, adding, “Settlement of remaining issues with sanctions and economic pressures, presentation of a practical definition on different world markets, economically, fiscally and financially, and on notary bonds and preventing the capital flowing in and out of the country and its management are among benefits of the unity of the country’s and world economy.

Sometimes ago the US Bloomberg quoted Iranian Minister of Economy and Finance Ali Tayebnia as saying that Iran seeks return to the international debt markets for the first ever since 2002.

Bloomberg wrote that after the JCPOA, Iran has been seeking financing of its economic development through joining the international debt markets.

Meanwhile, Professor of economics in Shahid Beheshti University Saeed Leilaz told IRNA that Iran’s return to the market shows effects of elimination of sanctions and stability in management and economic ration of the country.

Leilaz told IRNA that Iran’s return will help give a large extent upgrade the country’s standing in the international markets.

He said Iran will hence sell good bonds in markets, thus strengthening its financial might internationally and attract foreign capital.

“The ability to sell the bonds to the world people means Iran is a serious partner in the world finance. The world shows the extreme global trust in us.”

The economist said in the years 1997-2005, Iran had a good standing but during the 9th and 10th governments Iran backtracked and suffered a lot but it seems during 11th government global trust can once again help return to previous vibrancy.

“Today, we witness inflow of the capital of Iranians overseas to the country and experience has shown that inflow of the cash of the group or the people’s themselves to the country will be a constructive effect.” 

Asked to comment on the west’s approach towards Islamic bonds, he said, “I do not have precise estimate of western approach towards the bonds but I do see evidence that entailed optimism.”

int’l bond markets Iranian economy Iraj Nadimi