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EghtesadOnline: President Hassan Rouhani said the atmosphere created after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a good opportunity for the country's exporters and producers to cooperate with foreign companies and the reputable brands.

Addressing the ceremony on the National Exports Day on Thursday, Rouhani said that the way to fight against trafficking of commodities is to produce standard and high quality items.

Relations with the world should be based on constructive interactions, said Rouhani adding exports would not be successful by quarrel with the world.

'Preparing the ground for the international relations means constructive interactions,' he noted.

According to IRNA, the Iranian nation through the history has had relations with the world, said the president stressing that some have not believed Iran's power as true yet.

'We should prepare the conditions not only for the foreign relations but also for the technological, scientific and economic cooperation, so we can move in line with exports,' the president stressed.

The Iranian president further underlined that the country should improve hospitality when dealing with tourism and trade issues, adding a trade person should have no obstacle to travel to and from Iran.

He went on to say that the government has been trying to remove hindrances on the way of exporters, entrepreneurs and businesspersons on their banking relations.

The Iranian government also endeavors to erase the Islamophobia issue, because it would hamper the exports activities, he said.

'Iran in a loud voice says that it is kinder than it has been introduced to the world,' the Iranian president noted.

About the Foreign Ministry's activities in line with promoting exports, Rouhani said the major aim of any foreign travel has been 'providing facilitations for the trade cooperation, economic development and attraction of foreign investment.'

He further hoped the country would accelerate its move towards its economic growth.

About comments on Iran's action to buy new planes, the president described airplane as necessity for exports and tourism industry as well.

He, at the end, said that exports promotion is one of the ways to employment and economic growth.

JCPOA Hassan Rouhani Iranian Exporters