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EghtesadOnline: First Vice-President Es'haq Jahangiri said on Monday that transparent regulations have been adopted for partnership with foreign oil executives.

Jahangiri made the remarks at the IEPC 2016 in presence of representatives of foreign oil executives.

Jahangiri said that the Iranian government will strongly deal with unprincipled methods the foreign companies may prefer, reports IRNA. 

He said that Iran considers oil and gas as an issue for development and transfer of new technology is Iran's most important priority. 

'Due to the same reason, the Economy of Resistance Headquarters has included an article to the context of contracts with foreign executives on transfer of technology. Definitely, Iran will prefer the partners loyal to transfer of technology.'

He said Iran has important capacity which should be taken into consideration by the companies willing to cooperate on oil and gas.

'The most important capacity of Iran is the engineering and managerial capacity which has in different periods been presented – The last case being the power of bringing Iran's products to the pre-sanctions level.'

'Perhaps the fellow oil producer states did not imagine that Iran will several months after the JCPOA announce that its output has reached the pre-sanctions level.'

Jahangiri said that Iran has high construction capability of oil platform.

'Per contracts, you will not be short-term partner with Iran, rather being long-term partner. We will select the partners who will take the capacity and power into consideration. I hope in the new period of gas and oil development, we will witness more cooperation and will be able to augment Iran's production and exports.'

The first vice-president said that Iran is in dire need of initiative to help make good decisions on strategic issues, especially in the field of oil and gas.

Jahangiri said that energy plays essential role in development of countries and there and that the oil resources are the main pivot of Iran's economic development in future.

Oil is not regarded as a mere economic issue with regards to Iran, the important and sensitive Middle East and Persian Gulf regions as well as the world, rather many political issues now taking place in the region and the entire world are to large extent linked with future of energy and oil.

Energy is vital for Asia and the energy serving as driving force for development of the Asian states are met mainly in the Persian Gulf.

'I suppose such events as 9/11 and the consequential events in the region are considerably and notably linked with oil and Persian Gulf and presence of the big powers in the region. Unfortunately, certain regional states, which have a lion's share in oil production, played key role in the issues. They could use main oil income for development of their country, public welfare, and development of regional states, but they spend for creating instability and insecurity of the region.'

'Development of oil is important for our country; we do consider oil as a source of income for future; we should develop oil. Iran's share in oil production is clear and it should restore its status.'

'We have the duty to increase oil production and exports in the best possible manner to maintain national security and political dignity; such an increase should serve public welfare and national development.'

Jahangiri said that economic growth of eight percent needs tens of billion dollars investment and considerable portion of the capital should be met from outside.

Es'haq Jahangiri Iran oil