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EghtesadOnline: Iranian Faculty member of Oklahoma University says dental hygiene has a very prominent role in oral cancer prevention.

Dr. Lida Radfar who was invited to present her special lecture in the 2nd International Nastaran Cancer Symposium told us in an exclusive interview that prevention and early detection of oral cancer is easily possible with primary monitoring by dental hygienists.

“Oral cancers usually involve the tongue, lips, floor of the mouth, soft palate, tonsils, salivary glands, or back of the throat”, ISNA quoted her as saying.

Dr. Radfar has been the Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator on numerous research projects throughout her professional career.

 Currently, Dr. Radfar works with the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation as a Co-Investigator in the Arthritis and Immunology Department. Dr. Radfar continues her research and interest in the management of oral lesions, salivary gland dysfunction/dry mouth, and in particular Sjogren's syndrome, as well as orofacial pain at the University Of Oklahoma College Of Dentistry.

She explained that advanced oral cancer and its sequela cause chronic pain, loss of function, and irreparable, socially disfiguring impairment. The functional, cosmetic, and psychological insults suffered by oral cancer patients often result in social isolation, significantly burdening patients, their families and society. 

It has been known that cancer is preventable and curable if it is diagnosed at very early stage.

The 2nd International Cancer Symposium which has held on September 28 -29th in 2016 by Nastaran Center for Cancer prevention (NCCP) aimed to discuss the issues and latest advanced techniques and approaches applied to diagnose cancer at early stage.

NCCP is a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) which established in 2014.

“The scientific level of this symposium is out of my expectation; NCCP did a great job in confronting growing rate of cancer and I hope this kind of gathering would expand through Iran” Dr. Radfar said.

She presented an amazing lecture about prevention of oral cancer during the second day of this great event.

Dental hygiene oral cancer Lida Radfar