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Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi has reissued a Fatwa authorizing female students overseas under very special circumstances to attend academic centers unveiled, it was announced on Wednesday.

According to IRNA, The Ayatollah's bureau gave some explanations over the new Fatwa following reflection of the news in the media as well as social networks, emphasizing that subjects of the Fatwa are the girl students forced to remove Hijabs at the educational and academic centers.

The bureau underlines that it is expected all believed Muslims to remain committed to their religious duties and avoid misusing the Fatwa.

There is no doubt that women's veil or Hijab is among top necessities in Islam and even the non-Muslims know that this is among absolute rulings and in many cases are incumbent to observe it, said the bureau.

There is no doubt that any religious ruling can have some exceptions if required for example a male doctor can examine a female patient where there is no female doctor.

In case of lack of higher education to create a major problem for the student or the Islamic society, and under such special circumstances, the female student is authorized to unveil only in the particular juncture and venue and after leaving the academic center to hurriedly maintain her veil.

It is expected all Muslims to carry out their religious duties and avoid misusing the Fatwa, said the bureau.

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi issued a Fatwa on Tuesday reading, 'If committed Muslim females are deprived of higher education, this will prepare the ground for irresponsible and non-religious people to occupy top posts; therefore, the pious believers will be authorized under such special circumstances to unveil but in other cases they are to abide by and maintain their Hijab, said the bureau.

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi Fatwa female students unveil